WEDDING TRENDS 2022. What will be fashionable?

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The events of 2022 have undoubtedly made their own adjustments in all spheres of life, and the wedding sphere is no exception!

Here are some of the main trends that will add to the main list of” attention ” to the wedding celebration in the new year 2022:

Chamber weddings. This format of the wedding has been attracting the” views ” of the newlyweds for several years, but in 2022 it will be more relevant than ever!
Increased security, sanitation and cleanliness measures are brought to the fore when choosing a wedding venue.
Air. Outdoor outdoor outdoor playgrounds will be even more popular.

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What wedding trends in 2022 will set the tone for the year?
We tell you in detail in this article about the latest wedding trends!
A wedding has long ceased to be a holiday “for others”.  A wedding is a holiday “for yourself”.
A wedding is a unique story about you. Your story, not someone else’s. There is no point in surprising someone with the decor, the amount of food on the tables or the invited artists, if there is nothing behind all these details.

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The wedding day will be perfect if the wedding becomes a continuation of your story, filled with feelings and meaning. This is when each element will not be random,but suitable for you.

If you are used to celebrating your holidays magnificently, then the wedding should be magnificent, and if you love the atmosphere of home comfort, then let it be a small chamber wedding in a cozy family atmosphere, in the circle of your closest and dearest. It is important to remember that wedding trends and trends of 2022 help to emphasize the beauty of this day, but do not dictate what the wedding should be from and to.

Directing the wedding day

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Pay attention to the direction of the wedding day! Directing is not a picture that everyone has been chasing for so long. This is an individual idea created around your story, around what you want to convey to the guests. After all, you will agree that earlier weddings were largely measured only by external beauty — how many flowers, live or artificial, and what scale of decorations. And few people cared about the idea, about the inner spiritual component.
And finally, the idea and value of a wedding has become a trend. Not only how it looks outwardly, but also what it has inside. Here, a certain balance is important in everything: the involvement of guests and their comfort, a spectacular prepared show with the bride and groom and the spontaneity of genuine feelings, competent organization of the celebration and natural emotions of all participants of the holiday.

Chamber weddings

According to most brides, the comfortable number of guests at the wedding is up to 40-50. This means that the trend for chamber weddings continues. The bride and groom want to share this holiday with people who are really close to them. Such a large number of guests allows you to choose any format: from a classic elegant wedding in a beautiful manor to a party on the roof.

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Communication continues to be the main focus at the wedding.
The format of the wedding has become more lively and plastic. Thanks to this, there is no feeling of a boring banquet for 6 hours.

Wedding traditions

Couples are once again realizing the importance of traditions and adding symbolic details to their celebration. At the same time, there is no strict binding to mandatory wedding traditions. Traditions in the modern sense are more individual in nature, these are your personal traditions and the traditions of your family. Thanks to this, the wedding scenario and its format becomes even more individual and interesting.

Outdoor Wedding

Choosing a venue is the most difficult when preparing for a wedding,60% of the success of the holiday, its atmosphere, the mood of the guests and your comfort depend on it. Every year, more and more couples arrange a painting in the registry office and a wedding celebration on different days, because this frees up time and allows you to choose a site without being tied to the proximity to a state institution.
Country playgrounds are not just a trend, it is an opportunity to spend a holiday with your loved ones outside the city bustle and enjoy the fresh air. And if the wedding takes place in the city, then you can choose from more non-standard options: lofts with access to the roof, estates. But classic restaurants may not reach the level that is necessary for a modern couple and their guests.

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If you dream of a wedding in the city, then choose locations with high ceilings. More air and space, the ability to use the ceiling in the design, a lot of light — these are just some of the advantages of the trends of 2022.

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We will discuss in detail how to choose a site, what to pay close attention to, what to ask the restaurant manager and under what conditions it is worth abandoning the site in the lesson on working with the site from the Bride Expert course.

Wedding in the format of a wedding party

A wedding party is another popular wedding format of recent years. This is a free, democratic format of the evening, where the bride and groom can pay attention to all the guests, without forcing them to do something or watch a show.


In addition to the fact that the wedding is a reflection of the couple and your inner world, it also becomes a place of communication and meeting of the closest ones. For modern couples, it is very important that there are interactive areas at the wedding — video games, table ping-pong, quests and games for guests-that provide opportunities for communication, because it becomes extremely important.
Everything is divided into zones — photo, lounge zones, as well as interactive zones for guests in the form of, for example, various tastings or bars (candy, snack bar, and others). Thus, it turns out that zones of high-quality time are obtained.

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As the holiday becomes more and more individual and communication-oriented, the attitude towards the guests becomes more and more reverent. In addition to the already traditional compliments to guests at weddings, Welcome Bags are increasingly appearing (accessories that may be needed at a wedding — umbrellas from the rain or fans that help to escape from the heat, blankets or slippers that will definitely come in handy after unrestrained dancing. And many other things that will allow guests to feel really welcome at this holiday!)


Attention to food and delicious interactivity

Nowhere without food.  Of course, it is difficult to get away from the traditional feast, but the choice of dishes is becoming more diverse. The trend for food bars with non-traditional filling is especially attractive. Yes, even a samovar with pies and rolls, if it is decorated stylishly and in harmony with the format of your wedding.
Food becomes an extension of the concept of the wedding, and not just filling the table. Most of the guests go to modern restaurants, where they eat not only Olivier and Julien, so they should be treated to something interesting, beautiful and undoubtedly delicious at the wedding.

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A beautiful presentation, serving and the dishes themselves are a full-fledged part of the wedding concept.


A delicious part of the wedding trends of 2022 is the main cake of your life. Today, the wedding cake looks more and more like a work of art and a real canvas for confectioners who “write” on it with various decorative elements. Thus, he becomes the main character of the banquet and a truly delightful art object.

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WEDDING TRENDS 2022.!It is also worth paying special attention to the place where the cake is served.

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