How to plan a wedding reception menu? Delicious wedding snacks 2021

How to plan a wedding reception menu?
Delicious wedding snacks 2021

American Food Recipes
American cuisine is a fusion of different styles and ways of cooking. Due to the fact that at first the country was inhabited by English colonialists, it was the national dishes of England that were widely spread. However, over time, the local cuisine has changed: the habits of the indigenous peoples of America, and later the inhabitants of other countries who moved to the United States, have mixed and adapted to each other. Here you can try dishes of Asian, Italian, Mexican and many other cuisines of the world — and all of them will be prepared as delicious as in their homeland.

what is a good menu for a wedding

Delicious wedding snacks 2021

Mexico had a strong influence on the national American cuisine. Many dishes of this country are firmly established in the daily life of Americans. In modern American cuisine, fast food, street food and barbecue are popular. The most famous American dishes include hamburgers, clam chowder-a New England seafood dish, chili con carne-a spicy meat dish with chili peppers, banana bread, tomato soup (famous Andy Warhol cans), tacos and much more. Pumpkin and pecan pies, brownies, donuts, muffins and cheesecakes are especially popular among desserts.

What to consider when choosing a wedding menu

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What is a good menu for a wedding reception?
After looking at the selection of dishes that the restaurant can offer you, decide which ones you will order, do not order those that you have not tried
If your financial resources are limited, do not order the most expensive dishes, you can order similar, but more economical
For a more varied wedding menu, order a lot of different snacks, your guests may have different tastes: someone does not like fish, someone prefers fish to meat, someone may be, in general, a vegetarian. A large selection of snacks will satisfy the tastes of all your guests
In the wedding menu, there must be two hot dishes: a hot appetizer and a main hot dish
Agree in advance with the head of the restaurant how many alcoholic beverages you can bring with you. Wedding cocktail party menu ? ??
Alcohol in the restaurant is more expensive than in the store, and the restaurant management usually allows you to bring a certain amount of alcoholic beverages, provided that you order some of them in the restaurant
Order the organization of a small buffet table, when preparing a wedding menu, it is necessary. Usually, some guests after registering at the registry office, when the young people ride before the wedding feast, appear in the restaurant before the young ones. Such a buffet table, where you can put champagne, wine, fruit and a few light snacks that you can take with your hands without using cutlery, will allow guests to feel more at ease. They won’t have to stand along the walls waiting for the newlyweds.

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What does the wedding menu include?

Various cold appetizers:
wedding brunch menu,vegetable, meat, fish platters, cheese or a snack of cheese, seafood, portioned salads and they are also in common vases, stuffed vegetables and eggs, Wedding food menu.
Two hot dishes, main course and hot appetizer
Juices, compotes, mineral water
Alcohol: champagne, wine, vodka or cognac, calculation of alcoholic beverages, approximately 1.0-1.5 liters per person
Wedding cake

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Wedding menu, how to plan a wedding reception menu?

The order of serving dishes

~ By the beginning of th wedding feast, all snacks, including portions, various assorted dishes, juices, mineral water, fruits, and alcoholic beverages should be placed on the table
~ After a short period of time (20-30 minutes) salads are served on the table, there should be several types of them
~ A hot appetizer is served to the wedding table after about the first third of the wedding evening, when the guests have already tasted all the cold appetizers
~ The main hot dish is the end of serving everything that was ordered in the wedding menu (except cake and dessert). Whatever the hot dish, it must be served with a vegetable side dish. Before the appearance of the main hot waiters should clean up the tables, take away the dirty dishes, put clean plates and cutlery. At this time, the toastmaster can entertain guests with contests
~ The crown and peak of the celebration is the appearance of the wedding cake. By this time, the buffet table needs to be converted into a tea table, where you can place a samovar, tea, coffee, sweets, plates for a cake. The time for tea and coffee comes after cutting the wedding cake. Guests decide for themselves whether to drink tea, and when to drink it, go to the tea table and serve themselves
~ sometimes the wedding menu, dessert, in addition to fruit may include ice cream and some prepared desserts. They are usually served after cutting the wedding cake.

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Two wedding menu options

Wedding menu-Option # 1

* Salads and cold appetizers:
Menu for wedding receptions,
sea Breeze salad – seafood, lightly salted sturgeon, pineapple.
Salad “Oriental fairy tale-fried chicken fillet, red and yellow bell pepper, pomegranate seeds, canned pineapple
Royal Fad salad – king prawns, cherry tomatoes, green lettuce, rucolla, lemon juice.
Tropical Heat salad – fresh cucumbers, lettuce, orange, squid meat, bell pepper.
Dressings and sauces for them are in the competence of the chef
Assorted meat (ingredients to taste and to choose from)
Assorted fresh vegetables (tomatoes, Bulgarian red and yellow peppers, cucumbers)
Assorted salted and pickled vegetables (sauerkraut, pickled cucumbers, salted tomatoes, pickled garlic or onions)
Assorted fish with lemon and olives (fish, to taste and to choose from),wedding reception menu ideas on a budget.

Eggplant stuffed with ham and rice
Tomatoes stuffed with grated hard cheese with garlic and sour cream
• Hot appetizer:
Chicken fillet slices, in orange sauce
Eggplant baked with tomatoes, cheese and garlic.

* Main hot dish, side dish:
Pork rolls stuffed with fried mushrooms and onions
Stew of fresh or frozen vegetables (zucchini, bell pepper, young bean pods)
* Dessert:
Fresh fruit (your choice)
Ice cream.

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Wedding menu-option # 2

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* Salads and cold appetizers:
Vozrozhdenie salad – pieces of fried pork, anchovies, cranberries, Parmesan cheese, parsley leaves
Salad “Fantasy” – bacon, boiled egg, fresh cucumber, pickled cucumber, small dried croutons from a white loaf, Blue cheese sauce.
Salad “Russian summer” – apples, fresh cabbage, bell pepper, fresh carrots, herbs,elegant wedding menu card.
Starry Sky salad – ham, pickled artichokes, boiled tongue, bell pepper, apples, canned corn, rice.
Dressings, sauces, spices to them are in the competence of the cook.
Olives and olives framed by greenery.
Assorted meat (the composition is at your discretion).
Assorted smoked, pickled and salted fish (the composition is at your discretion).
Assorted fresh vegetables (tomatoes, cucumbers, green onion stalks).
Cheese platter (the composition and quantity of cheeses in the platter is at your discretion)
Pickled mushrooms, with onions (honeydew, buttermilk, white).

• Hot appetizers:
Japanese chicken in Tonkatsu sauce»
Pancakes with mushrooms and cheese sauce
• Main hot dish:
Fish braid-fillet of sturgeon, walleye and halibut, steamed in white wine with Champagne sauce»
Eggplant baked with fresh tomatoes and onions in garlic sauce.
~ Desserts:
Fruit (the composition of the fruit is at your discretion)
Fresh raspberries (strawberries) with whipped cream, served in portions

Wedding menu on the second day of the wedding
Usually the restaurant is booked for one evening. On the second day, there are fewer guests – only close relatives remain. And yet, it is worth considering the wedding menu on the second day. If the wedding takes place in the warm season (late spring, summer, early autumn), it is not bad to spend the second day in nature, where, in addition to two or three light snacks, you can cook fish soup and kebabs.
If the wedding is in the winter, and a small feast in the apartment, on the table you can put two or three salads, homemade cakes and necessarily some light soup (chicken, mushroom, just broth with herbs).

How to plan a wedding reception menu? Simple wedding menu.
Let your imagination, the skill of the chef and your financial resources help you create an excellent wedding menu, so that all guests will have not only unforgettable impressions of a fun and interesting wedding, but also pleasant memories of a beautiful wedding table and unusually delicious dishes.

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