How to choose a wedding dress?

How to choose a wedding dress?

The main trends determine:

Deep cut;

Openwork painting on the chest;


Open back;

Translucent back;

lace or satin fabric;

Types of silhouettes.

A-line.  This species belongs to the classical type.  He perfectly emphasizes the figure of the girl, resembles a triangle in an inverted form.  When trying on a variant of this style, the bride will notice that the dress remarkably emphasizes the hips and chest, as well as her waist.  This dress is suitable for low, medium and high girls, as it is considered universal.  The style is created by making a tight top and a skirt that expands to the hem.

Lush style.  It resembles a princess dress from a fairy tale.  The outfit will be at the time of girls with a thin waist and small shoulders.  You need to know that if the bride is short, then this model will somewhat plump.  The outfit has a corset that fits around the waist and a lush bottom, expanding from the waistline.

Direct type.  A girl whose figure is an hourglass can, without hesitation, buy this model.  She sits perfectly on the figure, emphasizes femininity and attractiveness.  It is worth noting that this style is perfect for girls of any height.  The dress is sewn with pronounced straight lines that emphasize all the bends of the figure.  The advantage of this model can be called the fact that it visually increases growth.

“Mermaid”.  The dress will be an ideal option for girls who are distinguished by curvaceous, and inches.  This style is able to emphasize the shape of the figure.  The dress is characterized by attractiveness and charm.  The contour fits to the knee and effortlessly goes to expand below.

Empire style or Greek style.  This option is suitable for lovers of classic dresses and simplicity of the image.  He is able to give lightness and airiness regardless of the bride’s complexion.  There is a high waist, which helps to emphasize the bust and lengthen the legs.  The dress expands from chest level.  The outfit will be a godsend for girls who are in a position, or those who want to hide some flaws.
Transformer.  This is a great dress that is characterized by practicality.  It will be an ideal option for a wedding on an island or in another place where it is better to choose an inexpensive and practical outfit.

Rules for choosing a wedding dress

At first glance, every girl who dreams of a wedding knows for sure which dress she needs.  Having decided on the style, she goes to the bridal salon and chooses the best outfit that will suit her perfectly, because the wedding is a special day when the bride should feel like just a queen.  In the wedding salon, everyone can find their own, because now there are many styles that are designed for different figures.
It often happens that a dream outfit, in reality, does not correspond to the declared parameters, since it is somehow ridiculous, absurd and does not suit the bride at all.  For this reason, you need to be able to choose the right dress.  To do this, it is worth considering some factors that will help you choose an outfit.

Production cost

The price of a dress is not always considered an indicator of the perfect outfit.  After all, the outfit is bought for one day.  In addition, among the inexpensive options you can find an exclusive style that is ideal for the bride.

Body type and cute flaws

Girls who have lush hips will be able to choose a dress like “Mermaid”.  It will look perfect.  There is also a variant of the dress in the style of “sheath dress”.  These options can not only focus on beautiful hips, but also balance the girl’s volume.  Slender brides should not stop at a heavy magnificent dress.  It can overshadow the fragile figure of the bride.  It is better to purchase a short model.
If the bride is chubby, then she is unlikely to be able to hide it, but she can emphasize her neckline.  If it is difficult to choose a dress yourself, it is best to seek the help of a consultant and a stylist so that, following their advice, you can hide the flaws and emphasize all the advantages.

Fashion trends

It is important to choose an outfit not only the one that you like, is convenient and practical, but also one that would correspond to all the latest trends.  It is worth noting that the fashion for wedding dresses is changing, not as often as on the catwalks, but it is still there.  For this reason, it would be nice for the bride to ask about this issue.
This season recommends paying attention not to simple white dresses, but to color models.  And if you decide to purchase a classic robe, you will never lose.  After all, it is always in trend.

Wedding banquet

Wedding Seating Planning
The seating plan is a list of guests and tables at which guests will sit during the banquet.  Guest seating plan is needed so that guests feel comfortable throughout the entire banquet, as the most suitable places will be selected in advance for them, taking into account their individual characteristics.  If there are few guests at your banquet, it is not necessary to draw up a seating plan, as most likely, guests will be able to find the most convenient places for themselves next to the people with whom they will be interested in having a banquet.  In another case, we strongly recommend creating a seating plan for guests.  After all, without it, a banquet can go completely different from what you expect:
Throughout the banquet, confusion and fuss will occur, as guests will look for the most suitable places for themselves.
People from different age groups and with different interests can be at the same table.
A divorced couple can be at the same table and turn it into a war zone.

The waiters will not be able to serve meals according to the individual needs of the guests.
To create a seating plan for guests, you need to determine the list of guests and send them invitations.  After guests respond to invitations, create a mock-up of a banquet hall, arrange tables on it and distribute guests among them, taking into account their individual characteristics.  This work is rightfully one of the most difficult stages of wedding planning.  For its implementation, we recommend that you use the guest seating planning site; using it, you can create an amazing guest seating plan, spending a minimum of time and effort.

Guest list

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Before making a plan for seating guests, you need to determine the list of guests whom you plan to invite to the wedding.  You can also create a backup guest list in case there are not enough guests from the main list who can come to the wedding.  If the guest does not come alone, for example, the wife will bring her husband with her, then unite these guests in a group, since they will need to send only one invitation.  To make it convenient to work with the guest list, break it into categories.  For example, the categories may be: family of the groom, family of the bride, visiting guests, etc.
Somewhere one month before the wedding, send out invitations to guests.  In each invitation, indicate:
Place and time of the wedding.
Date by which you must reply to the invitation.

List of invited guests

If before the indicated date the guest did not respond to the invitation, then contact him in person.  Perhaps he simply did not receive the invitation for some reason.  If you do not receive a sufficient number of positive answers, you can use the guests from the reserve list.  After all the answers to the invitations have been received, you will know which guests will come to your wedding, what dishes you need to order, how many men and women will come, etc.

Why in some countries are wedding rings worn on the left hand, and in others on the right?
Oh, these traditions – you rarely think about them in everyday life, but they often have great cultural and historical significance.
decided to find out why married couples in some countries wear wedding rings on their left hands, and in others – on their right.  It’s always damn interesting to learn about such small but important differences.

Why in some countries are wedding rings worn on the left hand, and in others on the right?
The ancient Romans and Egyptians believed that there was a nerve or vein in the ring finger that directly connected it to the heart.  The Romans even had a special name for it – the “vein of love” (lat. Vena amoris).  If a person put a ring on his ring finger, it meant that his heart was already taken.

And here is another no less beautiful and romantic explanation.

Why in some countries are wedding rings worn on the left hand, and in others on the right?
The ancient Romans were the first to wear a wedding ring on the ring finger of their right hand.  Then it was believed that the left hand is unhappy and “unreliable.”

In India, for many years it was customary to wear rings only on the right hand due to the fact that the left hand is “unclean”.  These days, wedding rings can be worn on both hands.

In Germany and the Netherlands, lovers wear wedding gold rings on their left hand before the wedding, and on the right hand after the ceremony, which, as it were, marks a change in social status.

According to Jewish tradition, the groom puts the ring on the index finger of the right hand as the most important on the hand.  After the marriage, the girls usually put this ring on the ring finger of the same hand.

Countries in which wedding rings are worn on the right hand: Norway, Denmark, Austria, Poland, Bulgaria, Russia, Portugal, Spain and Belgium (in some territories), Georgia, Serbia, Ukraine, Greece, Latvia, Hungary, Colombia, Cuba,  Peru, Venezuela.

Why in some countries are wedding rings worn on the left hand, and in others on the right?
Why in some countries are wedding rings worn on the left hand, and in others on the right?

Wearing a wedding ring on your left hand is a relatively recent tradition that originated only at the beginning of the 18th century (before that, even in English-speaking countries, rings were worn on the right hand).
An article in 1869 suggests that in some countries, changing the hand on which the ring is worn from the right (dominant, main hand) to the left (non-main) has become a sign of respect with which a woman refers to her spouse (men did not wear wedding bands at that time  rings).
In Lebanon, Turkey, Syria and Brazil, before the wedding, the ring is worn on the right hand, and after – on the left.
Countries in which wedding rings are worn on the left hand: Australia, Canada, Egypt, Botswana, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa, Great Britain, USA, France, Italy, Sweden, Finland, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia,  Croatia, as well as most Asian countries.
Why in some countries are wedding rings worn on the left hand, and in others on the right?
In Sri Lanka, the groom wears a wedding ring on his right hand and the bride on his left.
Wedding rings are not customary to wear in most Muslim countries (the tradition of exchanging rings is also absent in a religious marriage ceremony), but if you still wear it, it can be both the ring finger of the left (Iran) and the right hand (Jordan).

In countries where the ring is worn on the left hand, after the death of the spouse, many put it on the ring finger of the right hand.  This gesture symbolizes the inviolability of communication with the deceased husband or wife.
Until World War II, men did not wear wedding rings.  Soldiers who fought away from home and family began to wear them as a comforting reminder that their beloved wives were waiting for them.
Why in some countries are wedding rings worn on the left hand, and in others on the right?
Why in some countries are wedding rings worn on the left hand, and in others on the right?
If you do not seek to follow traditions or religious canons, then choosing a hand to wear a wedding ring is a matter of convenience and personal preference.  For example, some lefties choose their right hand to wear the ring, simply because they don’t want it to become dull or scratched.

How to choose a wedding dress?
Wedding rings are first of all a symbol of your love, and there is no law requiring you to wear them on one or another hand.  So the choice is yours!

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