3 Year Wedding Anniversary, For her and him

3 Year Wedding Anniversary,
For her and him

Every gift, even the smallest, becomes a great gift if you give it with love. (W. Walcott)

Three years have passed, and it’s like a lifetime. The honeymoon may lose its luster by the third year, but who says the good times should go away forever? The 3rd anniversary can be a great opportunity to extend your glow after your wedding, anniversary gifts, a little longer.
I bet you’ve done a lot together over the past few years. Now it’s important to take the day and remember all the wonderful moments that have passed. Enjoy your anniversary day together. If you have space in your budget, buy something special!

Best gifts for 3 years of weddings
What is 3 year anniversary?
Let’s get to know the 3rd anniversary theme right away and inspire you with a gift review.
What is a traditional gift for the third year anniversary?
At this stage of your marriage, you will know about the duration of your relationship. Habits and patterns formed at the beginning of a relationship are strengthened. This is also a time in a relationship where couples appreciate the security that a long-lived relationship provides – they know a lot about each other and feel at ease with everything that comes your way.
Perhaps this is why the traditional gift for the 3rd wedding anniversary in the United States is leather. Leather is a strong, flexible and very durable material. Elastic and durable material that confirms how much you value your life partner.
Modern Third Anniversary Gift
For a modern twist, both crystal and glass are offered as a gift for the third wedding anniversary , which symbolizes reflection and beauty.

3 Year Wedding Anniversary, For her and him
Symbolic flower: Sunflowers
Sunflowers are the official flower for the third anniversary. These bright yellow flowers, symbolizing adoration, loyalty and longevity, live up to their name. Their strong stems symbolize the Foundation of your marriage,while the bright petals represent the love that comes out. They send a reminder to get up and follow your dream – an inspiring message for your years to become a couple.

Symbolic stone: Moonstone
The gem symbolizing the third anniversary is a luminous moonstone.
This stone is an appropriate choice, because it promotes good luck in love. A stone of inner strength and growth, it also promotes balance, inspiration and has a calming effect on its owner. Just in case one of you is in June, so much the better. It is also a birthstone in the month of June!

The gift chosen with love is recognized immediately by the desire to guess the recipient’s taste, by the originality of the idea, by the very manner of presenting the gift. (A. Morua)

Gift ideas for your 3rd birthday
Fortunately for you, the gift options are literally endless when it comes to the topic of 3rd year wedding anniversary gifts. I actually want to show and add more to this post. Good ideas lots of great leather gifts!

Gift ideas for your 3rd birthday
Here are my best 3rd wedding anniversary gift ideas for all budgets. I hope you can choose the perfect gift for your loved one on your third wedding anniversary.

3 Year anniversary gift ideas for Her

1). Leather ballet flats
by tieks, Amazon Essentials
TIX for skin anniversary gift for her

The best gifts from leather

Leather ballet flats

My most favorite leather gift is t TIX. If your lady didn’t wear them on her big day, now is the time to give a pair. These leather shoes, made from high-quality Italian leather and taking 3 days and more than 150 steps in one pair, are perfect for everyday wear throughout the day.

2). Leather earrings
AV avagracecreations, Exweup, leather earrings lightweight PU

Leather earrings for a gift

Leather products for 3 year weddings gifts

Gifts from the skin

leather leaves teardrop dangle earrings handmade for women girls 8 pairs
multi-layer gold metallic leather earrings for the 3rd anniversary
If your budget is a little smaller and you just want to make a symbolic leather gift, think about leather jewelry. There are all kinds to go around, but we like these cute double-layered leather earrings with a metal sheet in shades of gold.

3). Leather Pouf
by Wayfair,  Artouarzazate stuffed

3 year anniversary gift ideas

NICE gifts for your wife for 3 years of wedding

Moroccan square pouf handmade genuine leather stuffed poufs Ottoman-tan-stuffed.

Leather pouffe Ottoman gift for an anniversary.
Are there any fans of interior design?
I had one of these leather
Ottomans, and I still remember it as a comforting companion for my feet.
If your loved one is looking for inspiration to create a room, this distinctive Moroccan leather pouf can be the perfect finishing touch.

4). Personalized leather tray
from PaperAnniversaryLove, BELLA Busta, BELLA BUSTA-3 Years Anniversary Gift-3rd

3 year anniversary gift ideas for wife

3 year anniversary, gifts for 3 year anniversary for him

Anniversary Leather Gift-Engraved Leather Tray (Maroon).
What is the 3 year anniversary gift?
Personalized leather tray 3rd anniversary gift for her
Most people take off their rings every night before going to bed, but there is nowhere to put them on. So why not give a beautifully personalized genuine leather tray to store all your jewelry and beans to thoughtfully solve this problem.

5). Leather designer bag by Coach | POPULAR BRAND 628
Signature PVC Zip Tote
leather designer wallet for 3rd

anniversary gifts idea for husband

traditional and modern anniversary gifts

Wedding gift From Michael Kors,3 year anniversary, Coach and Kate Spade to Tory Burch and Rebecca Minkoff, a leather designer bag is not only a practical gift, but also very functional.

A gift presented with a smile is doubly valuable. (T. fuller)

Of course, updating your daily wallet makes shopping satisfying. Saving up to buy this affordable luxury designer handbag is very interesting, but surprising your loved one with a coveted dream designer handbag will just blow it out of the water.
This is your 3rd anniversary-kind of a big deal. Surprise her by spending a little more and splurge on this leather purse.

6). Leather gloves
by dents, Leather gloves
in dents
3rd anniversary gift on the button leather gloves for her

third wedding anniversary gift

With the onset of autumn and winter, a pair of fine leather gloves is just around the corner. Splurge a little and give a female couple for which she will thank you when it gets cold.
We chose the luxury leather brand Dents because of their quality and British heritage, Dating back to 1777.
Go to an expert in handmade gloves? We think so.

7). Photo printing on the skin
from EngravedGiftIdeas
Gift for 3-year anniversary

anniversay celebrations, wedding anniversary gift years

LOLLICUBS Your Baby Shop,Deluxe Size Baby Hand and Footprint Kit – 16 x 9
inches Baby Picture Frame Kit | Non Toxic No Bake Clay.
Photo printer on the skin, 3 year anniversary gift.
I like to get a photo in a frame to remember special moments of time. Take one more step and get a unique image on your skin.

8). Leather paddle
by DrHarness
Leather spatula for 3rd wedding anniversary

anniversary gift for her

Speaking of skin, is it just me or do sex toys come to mind !?
Come on, it’s been 3 years. Time to spice things up in the bedroom.
This one could be a leather gift for both him and her, hence why we put this gift flavor (no pun intended) in the middle. Made from genuine leather, this sexy fun spanking will not only lead to exciting things in the bedroom, but will also leave a small heart-shaped mark.

9). Bouquet of sunflowers
from, Flowers – One Dozen Long Stemmed Red Roses (Free Vase Included)

four year anniversary, anniversary colors

Bouquet of sunflowers for the 3rd anniversary gift.
Freshly cut flowers are always a good idea. Add some sunshine to your day with a bright bouquet of sunflowers. They are not only the official flower for your third year, they are also a striking addition to your home. It’s hard to be in a bad mood around sunflowers, 3 year wedding anniversary gift.

10) Moonstone Studs
by Admantae Designs, 3 year anniversary gift ideas for wife

wedding anniversary gifts for him

Rainbow Moonstone Stud Earrings, Crescent Moon shape, 14K Solid Gold, Filled, Sterling Silver, Minimalist, Crescent Moon, Celestial Earrings, Star.
Moonstone Hairpins for 3rd anniversary gift to Wife.
Well, this set of earrings won my heart with the cutest set of stud earrings that was ever born!

crystal anniversary gifts, 6th year anniversary
Gentle moon moons are a great choice to symbolize love and admiration. Not only will she have a set of charming earrings to add to her collection, she will always remember the third year when she puts them on.

Bonus idea plan a 3-year Inspirational, wedding anniversary gifts.
We show amazing engagement shots and real weddings here at Love & Lavender every week. You will also find a strange anniversary shoot.
What anniversary shoot can you ask for? Simply.
Find your favorite photographer (perhaps a photographer from your big day), secure a meeting place, and create an image and style similar to the leather one described above. And voila! You have a 3rd anniversary shot with leather details.

Leather anniversary gifts for Him

Basket with champagne and sweets

Nothing stirs a wife’s suspicions more than an unexpected gift from her husband.

What to get my boyfriend for our 3 year anniversary?

1). Leather bag
on fossils, happy 3 year anniversary

modern gifts

Fossil Men’s Briefcase with Double Zipper Haskell
First of all, this is a great leather messenger bag. This is one of the gifts my husband has long coveted. We checked what the wire cutters said about their top leather messenger bags, and also offered a clean leather briefcase. This easy-to-handle leather bag from Fosil has a large capacity and sufficient organization-great for work and games.

2). Personalized bracelet for it
from KSLleatherfactory, 3 year anniversary ideas

3rd wedding anniversary

3 year wedding anniversary gift

Personalized leather bracelet for him as a gift for his 3rd wedding anniversary
Courageous. Skin. A bracelet.
Men’s handmade leather bracelet can be engraved to make a beautiful and very individual gift.

3). Leather camera strap
from SoGoodSoWood, 3 year anniversary gifts

one year anniversary gifts for him list of years

3rd wedding anniversary

Leather camera strap for 3rd wedding gift.
Are there any photographers among us? It seems that everyone on this day.
It can make a good gift for him or her. Ditch the ubiquitous fabric camera strap and upgrade it to a beautiful custom leather strap. Unique, original and one of a kind.

4). Leather Sports Collectibles
from Amazon, Wilson Evolution Game Basketball,  3 year anniversary

three year anniversary, third anniversary gift

five year anniversary, marriage anniversary

Leather basketball with Kyrie Irving lettering Leather soccer ball with Richard Sherman lettering Seattle Seahawks, traditional and modern anniversary gifts.
What to get your boyfriend for 3 year anniversary?
Sports fans will be happy to receive the ball with the autograph of their favorite player. As it happens, baseballs and many basketballs are still made of leather. The game is on!

5). Leather butterfly
from KingsleyLeather, 3 year wedding anniversary gift
modern gifts

3 year anniversary date ideas, 3 year wedding anniversary gift ideas for him

3 year anniversary gift traditional, 3rd wedding anniversary gift

Leather bow tie for a gift for the 3rd wedding anniversary.
If you like to wear a bow tie, then why not buy him one of these attractive leather ones?

6). Leather office chair
from West elm, 3 year anniversary date ideas

3 year anniversary gift ideas, 3 year anniversary gift ideas for her

3 year anniversary gift traditional, 3 year wedding anniversary gift ideas for her

Slanted leather swivel office chair anniversary gift.
The right office chair is essential for your work environment. Perhaps he wants to refresh the monotonous office space with a sleek and well-designed leather chair. Or maybe it’s time to get rid of the cheaper plastic assortment for a more ergonomic office chair. What better way to upgrade with the iconic mid-century leather office chair?

7). Leather magazine, writing notebook, 3 year anniversary gift ideas for him

happy 3 year anniversary, 3 year wedding anniversary

3 year anniversary gift for him, 3 year anniversary gift ideas for him

A notebook from the leather journal.
This authentic made and unique gift this authentic Buffalo skin notebook can record all his thoughts, plans and dreams. If you think you want to spend a little more, pair it with a leather pen (top) or find a luxury fountain pen like this one.

8). Weekender Leather travel bag, traditional and modern

3 year anniversary gift, 3 year wedding anniversary gift

3 year anniversary gift ideas for wife, happy 3 year anniversary

Leather Weekender travel bag from Floto Luggage.
Every man needs a strong Weekender travel bag made of expensive leather. If he has work trips in the future, this is a reliable gift that will be very useful.

9). Leather cufflink box
by Beckett, third wedding anniversary gift

what is the 3 year anniversary gift? 3 year anniversary

Leather cufflink box 3rd wedding anniversary leather gift.
After the wedding, he may have a few extra items to add to his collection, and nowhere to put them. The cufflink box takes care of its small jewelry storage needs. Add a monogram to make it your own.

10). Leather pillowcase
from PritiRecycle, third anniversary gift

what to get your boyfriend for 3 year anniversary? what is 3 year anniversary?

Leather pillowcase for 3rd anniversary gift.
Last but not least, if he needs some new pillows that scream in a man’s cave , then these real leather patchwork ones will do very well.

11). Leather jacket
from Nordstroms, three year anniversary

anniversary gifts, wedding anniversary gifts, what to get my boyfriend for our 3 year anniversary?

Leather jacket for the 3rd anniversary gift for him.

The perfect gift for a man who has everything – a woman who knows what to do with it all.

Everyone needs this classic, timeless leather jacket in the closet. This is a part of the investment from which it is sure to get a lot of wear and tear over many years and even decades. Choose a sleek bomber or classic motorcycle jacket to look stylish. He is sure to be delighted with this impressive gift!
We congratulate you on your third anniversary and wish you all the best in the years to come!

3 Year Wedding Anniversary,
For her and him.
We hope our list has provided you with great gift ideas. Until next year (hint: this is silk), thank you for reading our list of 3rd anniversary gift ideas.

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