5 Ways to make your wedding color palette work for any season

5 Ways to make your wedding color palette work for any season

You might think that the colors of your wedding are limited to a certain time of the year, but with some tricks you can easily adapt the colors to any date.Making the decision to postpone your wedding is rarely ideal, but sometimes even more stressful is figuring out how to change the theme, color palette, and decor that you have chosen for your original date. 

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We know that you do not want to start from scratch, especially after you present your wedding in a certain way for several months or even years, but do not panic yet.  The good news is that it is possible to reprofile the color palette you first fell in love with, even if you get married at completely different times of the year than originally planned.

Choosing wedding colors, lean first to what you like and then dilute with a different color.
Follow these tips to move your current wedding color palette to a different time of the year.

Switch your accent colors

Instead of completely changing your primary colors (which, as we know, is especially difficult if you have already purchased invitations, dresses for weddings, decor items. Focus on the colors you can add, new wedding trend.
You will be surprised how easy you can  transform an existing color palette by simply combining it with different accent colors, for example, if your colors were originally spring pastel colors, say reddish and pale blue, they will be just as beautiful for an autumn wedding if you  bavite mixture in a darker color such as dark gray, dark blue or Merlot,gold color scheme,modern colors. Wedding color ideas, in fact there are a lot of them you need to fantasize.

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If you are switching from winter to summer, you can apply the same concept.  Your original color palette may have been inspired by a snowy winter wonderland and is primarily shimmering in ivory and silver, but the same basic palette natural color palette, can easily be transformed into a tropical glamor theme by adding vibrant splashes of color like turquoise, fuchsia or yellow.

Once you have acquired a new accent color, you can work with your wedding suppliers to come up with ways to fit it into your floral arrangements, countertops, and even the design of your cake.  You can also add your new accent color by changing accessories such as shoes, jewelry, and ties.

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Image 1: wedding arrangement in a gold frame and pink flowers, image 2: blue boutonniere,prety colors.

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Use metallic tones to cool or keep warm

Metallic shades are universal and can work on almost any wedding theme, which makes them a huge advantage when switching your color palette at another time of the year.  This is where the basic theory of color comes into play: warm colors such as yellow, beige, turquoise, coral and red are usually associated with summer and autumn.Winter palette, can be easily remade, wedding summer colors.
Cool colors such as purple, pink, blue and green are most often associated with winter and spring.

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Although these are general recommendations for choosing a seasonal color palette, they are not painted over with stone, and by including metal elements you can easily choose a palette from cool to warm and vice versa.  Add metallic bronze, yellow gold or pink gold to “warm” the existing color palette.  Chrome, platinum and other shades of silver can “cool” the color palette.

There are so many different ways to include metallic on your wedding day, from simple gold wax seals on envelopes to invitations, to vases on your central items, wedding color themes, cutlery at your reception desks, and candle holders around the venue.

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Include sample or print

You may not be able to completely change the color palette, but you can make some changes to the way colors are used in your wedding setting.  One of the best ways to do this is to add a picture or wedding themes for spring that reflects your new wedding season, as well as use the original color palette.  For example, you can convert a winter color palette to a summer palette by adding a floral print with these colors or a lighter version of one of your primary colors, fall colors palette.

5 ways to make your wedding color palette work for any season

For spring and summer weddings, floral prints are an obvious choice, but you can also use subtle ticks, an elegant toilet, or fancy fruits (like pineapples and citruses).  For autumn and winter weddings, try plaids, abstract watercolors, or ethereal star motifs.  Prints and patterns can be included in your stationery set, table linens, wedding signs, and even your outfit.

Add seasonal flowers

If you had to transfer your color palette to another time of the year, you can make it more authentic by using seasonal elements that complement your colors.  Start by exploring the types of flowers that bloom naturally during your new wedding season and which will match your wedding colors.

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Because certain flowers are associated with a particular time of the year, using blooms in season is one of the easiest ways to put your color palette together.  For example, tulips in spring, hydrangeas in summer, sunflowers in autumn and amaryllis in winter.  Most flowers bloom in white varieties, so even if you do not use them to add color, blooming in season will make your wedding decor and color palette timely.

Use texture to your advantage

Finally, the textures and fabrics that you use in your decor will help you transfer the color palette from season to season.  Things like table linen, chair covers, hallway pajamas and even the type of fabric your outfit is made of will play an important role in the overall look of your wedding.
What are good colors for a summer wedding?
If you are switching to a spring or,wedding color ideas summer, focus on using lightweight fabrics, such as linen, chiffon, cotton or silk, that match your color palette.  Best summer wedding colors , in the winter months, you can use heavier fabrics such as flannel, faux fur, velvet and wool.Elegant wedding colors for summer,  regardless of whether your color palette is warm, cool, dark, light,simple lake wedding ideas. Using the right types of fabric for your wedding season will instantly make her feel more cohesive and natural.

What are the best colors for every season.

4 seasons of the year

Tips for choosing a palette for a summer wedding

The question of which color is best to make a wedding in the summer is relevant for many newlyweds, since the general mood and atmosphere of the holiday depend on the color scheme.  What are the best colors for a summer wedding?
You can use the following tips to help you decide on a palette for your summer wedding:

Follow current trends,colors of weddings.  Be inspired by new fresh ideas and use them in the design of your celebration.

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Do not be afraid to combine colors.  If you like several shades, you can look for information on their compatibility,wedding colors ideas for summer. Perhaps all your favorite tones can be safely used in the decor of the holiday.

If you liked this or that color scheme, be sure to watch several videos of various weddings made in this shade.  Pay attention to how the color looks from the side, and think whether it is suitable for your celebration.

Do not be gloomy.Summer colors for wedding is a time of life, energy and heat, and therefore the color scheme should be appropriate.  Be inspired by the beauty of nature and choose light and bright shades.

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1. Tropical palette

Most newlyweds associate summer with sultry countries with rich greens and vibrant colors,wedding colors with green.
If this theme is close to you and you want to bring brightness to your celebration, the tropical palette is ideal for you, which includes the following summer wedding colors: yellow, hot pink and saturated green.  These shades can be softened with white and sand colors, which will make the design more harmonious.

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In the decor of such a wedding, you can use as much greens as possible, for example, palm branches or bananas.The summer months are especially good, august wedding ideas, many people choose this month.
Exotic flowers weddings in summer,as well as bright fruits, for example, papaya, passion fruit, will perfectly fit into the design.

2.Marine palette

If you do not know what colors to make a wedding in the summer, you can arrange your celebration in the marine style that is beloved among the newlyweds.  The marine celebration palette includes white and navy blue.  As additional shades, you can use natural natural colors: gold, brown, sand, pearl, ivory,prety colors. To design a celebration, use a print strip that will add style to your celebration.

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3. Natural palette

Natural shades never go out of fashion and again enter the top colors for weddings in 2019. Therefore, if you are not sure which color to choose for your summer wedding, try decorating the celebration in greenery style using green, sand and cream shades.  This color scheme will create a feeling of freshness and tranquility.

4.Sunset palette

The color of a wedding in the summer can be warm and warm, like sunset rays.  If this theme is close to you, best color combination for yellow,
you can combine orange, yellow and pink to create the feeling of a paradise holiday.

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Since all three colors are self-sufficient, it is best to combine them either with each other or with light shades: white, pale peach or cream,classic wedding decor ideas.

5.Marshmallow palette

If you have not decided what color to make the upcoming wedding in the summer, you can look at the “marshmallow” shades.  These are light airy shades of blue, pink and Beige, wedding summer colors.
You can emphasize the beauty of these shades with the help of fresh flowers, for example, delicate hydrangea inflorescences.

The best color palettes for a winter wedding
Top 10 wedding themes

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1. Light blue and blue

Blue tones are a universal choice for a winter wedding.
Light blue corresponds to the shades of the winter sky and snowflakes, creates the feeling of a “winter fairy tale”.
Intense blue will create a sharp contrast with the gray prevailing in winter and add royal luxury to the details.
Other shades of blue are best avoided (except for turquoise, we’ll talk about it later), they are much better suited for a wedding in spring.

2. Grayscale

Yes, one of the most depressing winter colors can really be a good primary color for your wedding.  That’s because it goes well with other colors.
You need to act in the same way as in the case of blue tones: choose the lightest and darkest shades.
Light gray blends with the natural environment and is suitable for a wedding in natural colors.  A dark gray is best used in conjunction with another contrasting color, for example, red or white.

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3. Ivory

If you want to abandon the traditional white color or add a little vintage to your wedding, focus on ivory (ivory), popular color combinations.
This color is usually used for spring or summer weddings, but it also looks great in winter.  The main thing is not to mix ivory with white.

Ivory is combined with natural shades of gray and blue, as well as metallic.  And the bright shades of pink and purple, add ivory tenderness and softness.

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4. Red

The red color in winter looks very cozy and Christmas.

Dark shades, such as burgundy or cranberry, look stylish, solemn and somewhat strict, formal modern color schemes.

At the same time, bright red, “candy” color will create a more relaxed,red black white wedding theme, mischievous atmosphere.

5. Dark green

Since green is traditionally associated with spring and summer, you need to choose a green shade for a wedding very carefully.
In this case, choose the darker shades correctly.  They will create the feeling of a New Year tree or Christmas wreath and therefore will look very festive and appropriate.

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Try to avoid light shades of green.  But if you think that you can’t do without them, dilute the light green color with silver or gold details to avoid the spring-summer sensation,colors of weddings, which looks unnatural in winter.

6. Pink

Pink?  For a winter wedding?
Oddly enough, yes!  The right shades look just awesome!
Light, discreet shades look very gentle and are especially suitable for weddings in the style of shabby Chic,bright wedding colors.
And dark or bright will give a beautiful contrast.

7. Dark purple

Most of the flowers in darker shades are ideal for decorating a winter wedding.  And purple is no exception.
Add ivory, silver or even white to it – and you will get a luxurious combination, which will not be boring.

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8. Black

Black color can be called the most controversial.  After all, many consider it too gloomy and “heavy” for the wedding.  Nevertheless, every year it becomes more and more popular.
Black color can be used for contrast (a radical option – a black bride’s dress against the background of white snow will look incredibly impressive), or to emphasize details (small details, accessories, hairpins).
Planning a black and white wedding theme, always unexpected.
But statisticians say that the combination with black has been very scattered in recent years.

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9. Turquoise

Turquoise is one of the few shades of blue that looks appropriate at a wedding in winter.
Combine it with red and white and get a very warm, mischievous combination.  Turquoise also looks great with lighter blue, ivory, black and brown, color combinations for weddings.

10. Brown

Surprisingly, bare trees can indeed be a source of inspiration at this time of year.
Feel free to use any shades of brown that you like.  Combine them with other neutral colors or add vibrant accents (such as red or blue-green).
Another important rule, besides not mixing white and ivory: avoid only brown in the wedding.  Be sure to add another color so that it doesn’t turn out too dull.

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11. Metallic

It is not so much a color as a stylistic decision.  Metallic shades are always relevant in a winter wedding palette.

They will add bright accents to both modern and classic weddings.  The key point here is – do not overdo it with the metallic!

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Be sure to dilute the shiny details with matte so that the decor at your wedding does not look like Christmas tinsel.

Of course, there are no comrades for the taste and color.  Other colors may also be suitable for a winter wedding.
However, the colors we talked about tend to look best at this time of year.

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Spring wedding: choose the current palette

The color scheme of the wedding is what you need to decide at the very beginning of the preparation.  A bouquet and a boutonniere, dresses for bridesmaids, spring themed wedding invitations, especially beautiful kids shades, the decoration of the hall and the general concept of decor – how it will all depend on the chosen palette spring, wedding color trends.The portal will tell you which colors will be the most relevant for weddings in the spring.

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1.Natural shades of green.

You can combine this palette with wood to get a trendy and modern eco style,outside wedding ideas for spring.  You can just take the most beautiful shades of green for you, 3 or more, and play with them in the decor.A spring wedding in such shades will turn out fresh and tender.  And besides, fashionable, because right now the trend is triumph in natural themes: eco, botanical, Garden of Eden.

2. Shades of lavender and lilac.

Lavender palette is a great idea for a spring wedding, which will give the holiday not only tenderness, but also sophistication.  And if you dilute these shades with ash or powder, you can add even more charm to this palette.  Lavender shades will suit almost any style of celebration: from the classics familiar to everyone to the recently proven Provence.  Lavender wedding is a great choice for a sensual couple who wants to organize a stylish and romantic celebration with a cozy atmosphere.

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3. A combination of peach and heaven.
It is impossible, probably, to pick up a more springy palette than a delicate peach + sky blue,prety colors.
Such a tandem is ideal for exquisite and airy celebrations in which the whole beauty of the awakening of nature from winter sleep is revealed.  With the help of these shades, any bride will become even more feminine, even taking into account stress and sleepless nights the day before.  And for wedding decor and accessories, such tones can give a feeling of lightness, airiness and awe.  This is one of the best palettes for those who are planning a wedding in spring, because all the tenderness of this time of the year can be reflected in a peach-sky palette.

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Such a wedding will definitely become the most stylish and memorable!  It is great for courageous and bright couples.  Such a bright color of the wedding will add audacity and mood to your holiday.  You can shade the beauty of fuchsia and soften the brightness with the help of spring greens, which can be used both in floristry and in individual elements of the decor as an additional shade.  For example, it can be napkins on tables, vases.

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5 Citrus Blast.

If you want your wedding to be not only gentle in the spring, but also bright, we advise you to pay attention to the citrus palette.  Use bright orange, yellow, green.  Mix them,colors of spring, together or use any one shade as the dominant one.  Create an amazing mood with these shades.  They will create the atmosphere of a holiday, joy of life and inspiration at the wedding!

6. Pink and blue palette.

No color will add as much sense of style as  deep, light blue and pink wedding.
It will be able to shade almost any color, in particular, soft pink, which, on the contrary, will emphasize spring tenderness.  It’s worth using this pastel pink as the base, and it’s already complemented with blue, with which you can correctly place accents in the decor, looks and accessories.  A great combination for those couples who want to organize a stylish and spectacular celebration!

Planning a wedding in the fall

navy color scheme, trending colors, navy blue color scheme

If you are planning a wedding in the fall, but still could not decide on the color scheme or are looking for unusual solutions and combinations, use the fresh ideas of the research center and our inspiring selection!

1. Dried Herb (Dry Grass)

The muted olive green hue is slightly reminiscent of khaki and goes well with yellow tones,cool wedding themes.
The complex color is perfect for wedding decor and harmoniously fits into the autumn landscape.

2.Desert Sage (Desert Sage)

Cool and calm gray-green color will emphasize other shades of your wedding celebration.  Natural and unobtrusive, it is at the same time stylish in itself, due to which it will refresh the decor and bring fresh notes.

wedding theme colors, fall wedding color schemes

3. Stormy Weather

This complex shade reflects all the tones of the cloudy sky in inclement weather.  A calm and bold color with gray-blue tints will become an exquisite contrast against the backdrop of autumn nature and fallen yellow leaves.

4. Oak Buff (Oak Bark)

Warm and bewitching color will create not only a cozy atmosphere at your wedding, but also a joyful mood.  Soft natural shade is perfect for an open-air wedding.

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5. Marsala (Marsala)

One of the most popular shades of 2015 is still relevant for the autumn wedding celebration.  Sensual, deep and defiant color of wine is associated with luxury and confidence.

6.  Biscay Bay

Bright and elegant shade, perfect for an autumn wedding, is a new interpretation of the beckoning turquoise color, which combines the coolness of blue and green tones.

wedding summer colors, spring themed wedding invitations

7.  Reflecting Pond (Mirror Pond)

Restrained, complex and contemplative shade, due to its cold tint, will bring strict seasoning to the wedding decor and will be an excellent substitute for the classic blue color, modern colors.

8. Cadmium Orange (Cadmium Orange)

Warm and bright shade refers to the current 70th season.  Such a playful version of orange is easily combined with contrasting colors and gives a cheerful and optimistic mood to the autumn wedding celebration.

best color combination for yellow, colors of weddings, prety colors

9. Cashmere Rose (Pink Cashmere)

Soft and at the same time cold,fall wedding colors schemes, this complex pink color is suitable for a luxurious wedding celebration, creates a feeling of comfort and sets off other tones favorably.

10. Amethyst Orchid (Amethyst Orchid)

An extravagant and mysterious shade is suitable for a unique autumn wedding.  In order for the intriguing and exciting version of lilac to be fully revealed in all its glory, with the help of it, it is necessary to set the right and bold accents in the decor.

light blue and pink wedding, red black white wedding theme

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