17 Common Winter Wedding Mistakes. Brides Always Make?

17 Common Winter Wedding Mistakes. Brides Always Make?

Mistakes that all or not all brides make, but it is still important to know them to avoid failure.

17 mistakes when preparing for a wedding

Forget about the timing of the event, do not think about wedding logistics and a backup plan in case of rain… These and many other mistakes that brides and grooms so often make when preparing for a wedding-in our article.

Choosing a wedding dress or a venue for the celebration before determining the approximate budget of the wedding is a sure way to upset yourself at the very beginning of preparation. Perhaps because of this dress, you will later have to reduce the guest list by half or give up the honeymoon.
The wedding budget is the Foundation of the upcoming celebration, which determines its format and style, which means that the preparation for the wedding should begin with it.
If you plan to hold a celebration in the open air, do not neglect the probability of rain in any case. The temptation to rely on the weather forecast and save on tents, canopies and umbrellas for guests is quite great, but a sudden downpour, which you were not prepared for, can ruin the entire wedding decor and your mood. It’s better to have a plan “B” that doesn’t come in handy in the end than to not have it when you need it so much!

17 Common Winter Wedding Mistakes. Brides Always Make?

When choosing a wedding venue, be sure to consider the planned number of guests. No matter how chic and elegant the restaurant may be, if the number exceeds the set maximum, it will affect the Banquet, entertainment, and, ultimately, the impression of the holiday. Find out from the site Manager how many visitors it is designed for, and why deduct 10% from this number — this will be the ideal number of guests.
A long wait for the newlyweds, a long welcome reception, an hour-long ceremony and the final fireworks planned after midnight, which tired guests are unlikely to appreciate-a well-designed timing will allow you to forget about these problems. Let your wedding will be remembered for its bright, rich program, and not a long wait and fatigue.

Wedding mistakes, Errors in wedding preparation

The ceremony is one of the most important elements of the wedding day, which means that her photos should be on top! Many couples plan to hold the ceremony at a time when the sun is at its Zenith, but photographers advise to hold it in the late afternoon, before sunset – the soft sun rays of the “Golden hour” make photos truly magical!

Many couples still believe that a wedding video is something you can save money on. However, do not forget that it is the film that in a few years will be able to take you back to this wonderful day and again give you these happy emotions. Believe me, you will never regret that you decided to use the services of a videographer on your holiday!

17 mistakes when preparing for a wedding

One of the tasks of your guests on the wedding day is to get to the venue on time. But if they don’t know the address of the site, there is a chance that they will just get lost on the way and be late! One of the easiest ways to solve this problem is to use the services of professional drivers.
Even a wedding in the format of a picnic with only the closest people requires serious preparation, competent organization and logistics. In addition, a forest edge or a deserted beach, unlike a restaurant, will require additional expenses for the decor of the reception area and Banquet, catering, lighting, power generators, and much more.
Worry about the time of delivery of flowers or distract from the photo shoot by calling late guests-is this how a wedding should go, for which you have been preparing for so long? Relax! It is to solve these issues that you have a florist, decorator and wedding coordinator. Trust your team and just enjoy the holiday!

We will not allow this to happen at our wedding.

Toasts and congratulations are an important part of the wedding evening, but too long speeches tire the guests. Memories from childhood and heartfelt conversations are best left for a personal conversation, and toasts take just a few minutes, and let the wedding coordinator, host, or bridesmaids keep it under control.
Most brides know that they should always sign a contract with wedding professionals, such as an organizer, photographer, decorator, etc. But many couples when organizing a wedding forget to make a contract with the catering service – and this is the basis of a good Banquet, and therefore the entire festive evening! It must indicate the menu and the composition of the wine list, the plan for placing and serving tables, as well as possible additional services.
Mistakes that all or not all brides make, but it is still important to know them to avoid failure.

Such annoying little things as bridesmaids who are late for the start of the gathering or the wrong shade of peonies in the Central compositions should not spoil your mood. After all, this is the day when you and your partner will become one family – and this is the most important thing! Many couples are so fixated on small things and worry about minor details that they spend the entire day of the celebration in tension and excitement, while they should enjoy every minute of it!

Wedding mistakes

Marriage registration in the registry Office is, of course, the basis of any wedding, but you should not deny yourself the pleasure of holding a romantic ceremony on the day of the celebration. Just imagine: an arch decorated with a hundred flowers, a path of candles, your favorite music and the most sincere words of your vows… you Can even ask your close friend to perform the ceremony – so it will become even more personal and touching.
Of course, you want your friends and family to have fun, but do not forget that the main characters of the holiday – the bride and groom. Constantly worrying about what the guests will think is a sure way to spoil your mood during the entire preparation process, and on the wedding day itself.
Delicious food, good music and the opportunity to have fun – that’s all that guests need at a wedding. And the rest-the flowers, decorations, style and location of the celebration-should first of all please you!

Errors in wedding preparation

For your guests, the wedding begins with invitations. It is based on them that you can make the first impression about the upcoming celebration, which is why it is so important to approach the development of their design with full responsibility. Do not skimp on its quality – after all, it is the little things that give the holiday a unique style.
Statistics say that, as a rule, 10% of those invited will not be able to come to the wedding. But in each case, everything is individual, so if your restaurant can accommodate only 200 visitors, do not send out invitations to 240 people in the hope that 40 people will refuse.
As well as do not be upset if you get a little more than 10% of rejections – most likely, the invited would have been very happy to attend your wedding, but they were prevented by really important reasons.

Mistakes that are best avoided at the wedding

Wedding traditions are great when they are important for the newlyweds. But if you do not hesitate to adhere to all the traditions, your wedding will not stand out from thousands of others.
Give up those things that you do not understand the meaning of and that are not close to you, and in the traditions that you support, make special, only your own, touches and details – this is how the most unforgettable and unique holidays are

Wedding mistakes

Mistakes that are best avoided at the wedding,

You may not have to
face melting makeup or wilting bouquets in the sweltering summer heat, but winter weddings also come with their own set of potential setbacks – and no, they don’t all have to do with snow. When planning their seasonal evenings, brides always make a few mistakes in their wedding ceremonies. Don’t let them happen to you.
These winter wedding mistakes are too easy to forget about buying wedding insurance or neglect the opportunity to bring an extra pair of shoes . Don’t let these blunders get in the way of your big day. Remember the most common mistakes in a winter wedding listed below, and then avoid them, as your marriage depends on it.
I expect your guests to prepare for the outdoor ceremony.
Yes, even if you warn them in advance. This is why you should carry baskets of blankets and even gloves or scarves, as well as a warm cocktail or drink so that your guests can SIP it during the ceremony, ” notes Rebecca Carey, stylist and designer at A & B Creative . This ensures that everyone will feel comfortable and can focus on you and your future spouse, rather than how cold they are.
We will not allow this to happen at our wedding.

Leaving winter gophers in your emergency kit

Wedding mistakes, Errors in wedding preparation

You know that you need an emergency kit for your wedding day , but in the winter months you will need some additional services that you might not have thought of. For example, wipes for any runny nose in cold weather, hand warmers that you can actually put on your shoes or even on your dress for any photos on the street, and powder for rosy cheeks, says Carey.

Forgot to pack an extra pair of shoes for photos

A replacement pair of shoes are necessary for a sore foot, but winter brides will also want to buy an extra pair of shoes to take on the elements.
As wedding planner Kelli Corn of Kelli Corn Weddings & Events explains , satin in particular is one of the most difficult materials to work with when it gets wet, and your beautiful satin heels will be ruined if you walk around before the ceremony or take photos outside. “Don’t forget to bring a temporary pair of shoes to practice before and after your wedding, so that you don’t destroy the one you’re wearing to tie the knot.”

Not taking advantage of indoor photo sessions

Even with proper accessories (shawls, scarves, gloves, leggings). Taking photos at low temperatures is not a walk in the Park for everyone. Brides often forget how cold it really is, says Marissa Levin Rybalov, co-owner of Heyn Photography . “They should look for unique places in the room to use for their photo shoots, as this also helps with the lighting problem,” she advises.

Don’t take a first look

According to Tracie Domino, founder and creative Director of Tracie Domino Events, one of the biggest mistakes winter brides make is that they don’t take into account the limited amount of daylight when planning photos. “If your ceremony, for example, is at 6 PM, it will still be dark before it starts. Therefore, if you refrain from taking a first look, it will be impossible to get portraits of you and your husband in daylight.”

Assuming it will cost less

17 mistakes when preparing for a wedding, We will not allow this to happen at our wedding.

In fact, it may cost more for you and your guests. “Here in Arizona, for example, this is our highest tourist season,” says wedding planner Chandra Keel, owner of Chandra Keel Weddings + Events . Good weather also attracts many major events such as Golf tournaments, and this is an incredibly busy time for most wedding providers, especially in February. “Brides should expect higher hotel prices, higher airfare to Arizona for
out-of-town guests,those who live outside of the city, higher prices for flowers and more chances that their favorite sellers are already booked or charge a premium.”

Refusing to buy wedding insurance
If there is a snowstorm and the Governor calls a state of emergency and all roads are closed on your wedding day, not only will your guests not be able to get there, but your vendors won’t be able to, warns Kelly Hayne, owner of SociaLife.Their contracts have a good “Law of God” clause, but you want to make sure that you are covered by insurance for all costs associated with having to cancel or change the wedding date.
17 Common Winter Wedding Mistakes. Brides Always Make?
“For example, you will still pay for perishable items from a florist or pharmacist, however, if you have wedding insurance, you are safe.”

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