What hairstyle to do for a wedding?

Wedding hairstyles 2020-2021: fashion trends and novelties

What hairstyle to do for a wedding?

wedding hairstyles for long hair
wedding hairstyles for long hair

Of the new products of the season – a tight low beam. More and more women choose conservative and strict bun-based hairstyles for the wedding. This option is ideal if your hair is difficult to style and does not keep curling.

High hairstyles recede into the background, loose curls or low buns become more and more popular. An excellent option is light surfer curls and bundles, nodules and malvinki from them.

Let’s analyze all the wedding trends in more detail?

wedding hair ideas
wedding hair ideas

Fashionable wedding hairstyles for long hair – 2020-2021

The most relevant for long hair loose hairstyles: for example, a Hollywood wave or low braids, tails, bunches.

See a selection of the most relevant images.

Flowers from locks of hair

on site wedding hair stylist
on site wedding hair stylist

Most effective, such a hairstyle will look on blond or colored hair. You can make one or several flowers of hair on top of a malvinki or a waterfall, or you can decorate a bunch or volumetric braid with such a “bouquet”.

Tip: A secure fit is important for this installation. For long-term moisture-proof styling.

wedding party hair
wedding party hair

You can create a delicate and spectacular hairstyle for a wedding using braids. Make them a spectacular accessory that completes the look, or a full-fledged part of the styling, for example, in the Greek style.

A thin pigtail can complement the bundle, becoming a rim, or you can make many small braids and weave them into.

In fashion, a voluminous tail . It is ideally complemented by a straight parting and strands released on the sides of the face. You can complete the image with large earrings.

A low tail will look great with jewelry in your hair or a pigtail as lywood waves. 


You can turn a wedding into a personal red carpet using styling in the form of Hollywood waves. Such a hairstyle will definitely turn you into a star of the evening!

The waves look good on their own, but you can supplement them with an accessory in the form of a hairpin or comb on the side.

Boho styling, boho wedding hairstyle


The boho style is an unconditional hit among brides in recent years. More and more girls are choosing light styling with weaving or loose curls.

best wedding hair
best wedding hair

You can supplement the hairstyle with feathers or fresh flowers, for example in the form of a wreath.

Wedding hairstyle options for medium-long hair: trends 2020-2021

On medium-length hair, you can make many stylish styling based on straight hair or beach curls. See the best current ideas.

A bunch

wedding hair
wedding hair

A low bunch of straight locks will suit luxurious brunettes. Blondes should choose a bundle for the so-called “beach texture” – that is, with casually released locks in the face.

Tip: For a smooth bun and hair style, use Redken’s Iron Shape Heat Shield. It will fix the styling and add shine.

hair ideas for wedding
hair ideas for wedding
wedding guest hair styles
wedding guest hair styles

A small diadem will perfectly complement the loose curls.

The main thing is that the strands are wound from the face, and the tips remain straight. Attach the veil to the back, and the stylish look is ready!

beach wedding hair
beach wedding hair

Greek bra

Greek braid is an ideal wedding styling that has not been losing ground for many years. You can supplement it with fresh flowers or dried flowers (grandmother will be happy that herbarium came in handy).

For a more glamorous and pathos look, you can use studs with pearls or rhinestones.

Elegant shel


Forget about the high seashells from the nineties and zero, the fashion is a low neat shell. Most effective it will look on light or streaked hair.

Complete your beach curls with a malvinka with a weave.

Greek-style hairstyles emphasize the sophistication of the image and make it easier and more serene.

how to do your hair for a wedding?
how to do your hair for a wedding?

Photo ideas of women’s wedding hairstyles for short hair

Short hair can also be combined into a beautiful wedding hairstyle!

See a selection of the most fashionable styling of the season.

In retrostyle

A caret or shorter haircut can be laid in retro style.

how to do wedding hair?
how to do wedding hair?

For a more rigorous look, take an example of a hairstyle with waves, like Renata Litvinova or the stars of the 20s. Feel free to be inspired by the beauties of The Great Gatsby, but don’t go into strong styling so that the wedding does not turn into a theme party (if this was not originally intended, of course).

Light wave

Best of all, this styling will look on fair hair or dyeing ombre, crank.,

wedding natural hair
wedding natural hair

Straight hair or curls – the choice is yours, in any case, a square will look great.

For the wedding look, use hairpins and invisibility, you can stab hair on one side. Also, a square can be perfectly beaten by laying on one side.

wedding natural hair
wedding natural hair

Tip: Use a Matrix texture builder spray to create a sloppy look. It will give your hair lightness and help with fixation.

With flower wreath

hair ideas for wedding guest
hair ideas for wedding guest

A romantic image in the style of boho will turn out if you add a wreath of flowers.

This option is perfect for an outdoor wedding.

Combed back

best hairspray for wedding hair
best hairspray for wedding hair

Smooth and strict hairstyle is suitable for owners of short hair and a low forehead.

For such a hairstyle, be sure to choose contrasting makeup so that your face is not lost against the backdrop of a wedding attire.

For styling, the Matrix Extra Fixer Gel will come to the rescue.

Stylish hairstyles for the bride with bangs – 2020

The bangs are quite whimsical in styling, so it is better to approach the wedding hairstyle thoroughly.

For you, a selection of the most fashionable options from our stylists.

Low texture bang with bangs

hair ideas
hair ideas

Based on surf curls, a low volume beam is created. A bang is attached to the texture for a perfect face frame. Such a bundle can be perfectly supplemented with tape.

By the way, due to the voluminous curls, the bangs are easy to put back if you do not want it to be part of the story.

Hollywood wave with a long bang

wedding hair
wedding hair

Long bangs can become part of one of the most popular styles this season.

Decide on a parting and boldly make delicious curls.

Oblique bangs with weaving

Wedding braids
Wedding braids

A light sloppy braid will perfectly complement a slanting bang – both an independent hairstyle and flowing into a bun or low tail.

Beautiful wedding hairstyles with veil: 2020-2021 fashion

Malvinka with a veil

With fleece

Fix the veil directly on top of the malvinki.

Such a hairstyle always looks touching and romantic.

Low beam with veill

The classic combination of a low beam and a veil is relevant beyond time and fashion trends.

It’s best to choose a medium or long veil.

Conservative members of your family will appreciate this hairstyle.

High beam with veil

If you focus not on fashion, but on style, then this option is for you. A veil in combination with a high beam always looks beautiful and spectacular. You can fix it under it or from above, covering your hair.

This hairstyle is suitable for the longest veil.

Topical decorations for a wedding hairstyle

The most relevant jewelry of 2020-2021 in the selection. Choose based on the hairstyle and the desired image.


Choose bohemian pearls or traditional round pins with hairpins, stilettos or scallops.

But in 2020-2021, minimalism is in fashion: do not interfere with other decorations, such as flowers.

Crown, tiara, bezel

Such jewelry is suitable for girls with a short haircut or long loose hair.

When choosing a crown, know the sense of proportion: everyone already knows that you are the queen of this holiday, so do not take too much jewelry!


The tape perfectly complements the low beam or tail. You can attach it to a low styling or tie it as a rim.


A delicate image can be obtained using flowers. Add one or more to the Greek braid or low tail. A short haircut fits a flower behind an ear or a wreath.


The veil will be the highlight of the image if you have a short haircut. On long and medium length hair, you can add a veil to a low bun.


A comb is an ideal solution for curls of medium or short length: stab it on the side.

For a low beam or malvinki, it is also suitable.

Choose with stones, tortoiseshell or openwork, like the Spanish women.

How to choose a wedding hairstyle?

What is important to rely on when choosing a hairstyle for the bride:

Face shape

The oval face is considered ideal, almost any hairstyle will suit you. It makes sense to stretch a round or square face, framing with strands. For girls with a rectangular or triangular face, it is better to avoid combed back hair.

Dress style (open or closed shoulders, length, silhouette)

An open dress is best balanced by loose or half-open (for example, in a mulvin) hair.

When choosing a low bun, add a long veil.

A closed dress will look harmonious with high hairstyles or a low tail, a bun. In this case, you can do without a veil by adding accessories to your hair.

Hair color

Indiretto, speciale o altri danni derivanti dall’uso Medicina-Attivo di questa informazione sul sito web. Le donne che non assumevano il Tadalafil senza ricetta precedentemente e un impegno che ci unisce.

Blond hair looks best in textured hairstyles with waves, this adds volume and makes the image more tender.

Dark-haired girls can safely choose both options.


Putting your hair back, make sure that your face looks moderately bright and contrast, and does not merge with the dress.

Want to look more cheeky, free or strict? Romantic and touching, or vice versa? The choice of hairstyles and the basis of styling will help.

For a strict and conservative look in the style of royal persons, choose styling for straight hair, and for a more romantic and natural – for curls.

Hair length

What hairstyle to do for a wedding?Of course, this is the starting point for choosing a hairstyle. The choice depends on the length of the hair, but modern brides often resort to overhead strands – they add volume and length.

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