Wedding invitations messages for friends?

DIY wedding invitations: ideas and workshops

DIY wedding invitations
DIY wedding invitations

There can be no trifles in preparation for the wedding; the first step after choosing a date should be sending out invitations so that dear and welcome guests can plan their time in advance. Of course, the easiest option is to buy or order invitation cards at the printing house, but then they are unlikely to be individual, wedding invitations messages for friends?

Do-it-yourself wedding invitations preserve good energy: even if you make all invitation cards the same, you can add some of them with small details “tips” so that relatives and friends understand that this was done specifically for them. Making invitations is a lot of fun, connect your soulmate, friends and friends to this lesson, needlework is very close and at the same time it can open hitherto dormant talents. Who knows, maybe, deep down you are an artist, designer or craftsman?

The invitations must indicate the names of the newlyweds, guests, wedding date, time and place of the ceremony and wedding, where the banquet will be held and so on. In fact, the invitation is the first impression of the guests from the upcoming celebration, so it’s worth trying.

So, we bring to your attention several ideas and small workshops on how to make a variety of wedding invitations with your own hands.

Greeting card with ribbons do-it-yourself wedding invitations

To make such an invitation you will need: 2 multi-colored sheets of thick paper, ribbon, double-sided tape, beads, stationery knife, color printer.

The width of the tape is approximately 7 mm, the paper density is 230 g / m.

For the outside of the postcard, cut a 12-12m

Take a sheet of A4 paper, draw a pattern or drawing on it, or select a finished.

Conventionally, you need to divide the invitation into 3 parts: the name of the guest is written on the left, your signature on the right, and the invitation itself in the middle. It is better to use a ruler to fold thick paper.

Cut 2 pieces of tape, 15-18 cm long. Using double-sided tape, glue one piece on one side of the base, and the other on the second side of the base.

Now glue the squares to the finished background with a picture (you can do this with double-sided tape or regular glue).

We tie the ribbons on the bow, after inserting them into the bead. The card is ready, you can send it to the recipients!

wedding invitations
wedding invitations

Heart card

To make it, you will need: sheets of thick paper, decorative braid, sequins, nylon roses for decor, a gold or silver marker (it is better to choose with a calligraphic tip), glue.

You choose the shape and size: the card can be round, square, rectangular or even complex. The “heart” will be placed on the front side, the contours of which we make with a simple pencil.

Glue tape, sequins, roses along the contour. You can also use ornamental lace, twine, cords and much more. In the center of the heart we write the word “Invitation”, we decorate the rest of the card by hand: you can use simple curls and patterns, you can use stickers, you can use drawings or paintings on a stencil – it all depends on your imagination. We write the invitation text inside and hand it to the guests!

Envelope with a secret

The usual landscape sheet needs to be cut in half. We add one half three times (we wrap the edges to the center). With the help of embossed scissors, you can make patterns, cut off the upper corners.

From a paper of a different color, cut out a rectangle, measuring approximately 7×10 cm, write an invitation on it. Insert it into the envelope.

Using the hole punch, make two holes along the edges of the envelope and the invitation, thread the ribbon into it and tie it. You can decorate the envelope with decorative stamps and drawings.

Make the “lacing” on the envelope itself, too, so it will look prettier.

Scrolls do-it-yourself wedding invitations

You can make invitations in the form of scrolls, they are artificially aged in a solution of strong tea or coffee, lightly scorched with a candle around the edges to give the paper a special texture. If you wish, you can put hieroglyphs and strange characters on the scroll – so it will look more interesting. However, you can limit yourself to typical wedding symbols – doves, hearts, rings. The edges can be treated with embossed scissors, the scroll can be decorated with compositions of artificial flowers, lace, ribbons, beads. Then we rewind the invitation with a ribbon or twine and send it to the recipients.

invitations ideas and workshops
invitations ideas and workshops


Posters and newspapers

do-it-yourself wedding invitations

Unusual invitations in the form of a poster will appeal not only to the newlyweds, but also to their guests. All that is needed is to make invitations on the computer, add funny photos and print the text in calligraphic font. After that, we print out the card and put it in an envelope. Voila, simple and interesting.

You can fulfill the invitation in the form of a newspaper: in one part you can place a large ad with photos of the newlyweds, and fill in the empty spaces with interesting stories and funny stories about meeting people, first dates, and the life of future spouses. True, in order to do this on their own, some of the young ones need to know well the layout features and be able to handle a computer.

Sweet invitations

If families with children will attend your celebration, then the invitation should be interesting to everyone. To do this, you can issue the invitation itself in the form of a small note and place it in a self-sewn bag. To do this, you need an organza (cut a rectangle 10×20 cm, fold it in half and stitch it). The bag can be tied with a rope or sewn into the upper part of the tape. Decorate with sparkles, artificial flowers, beads. And most importantly: put candy or dragee for a sweet tooth. Both interesting and tasty.

Quilling wedding invitations

To the letter.

The quilling technique is not the easiest, but you can create real masterpieces if you wish. We bring to your attention detailed workshops on the production of invitation cards of various styles.

To create such an invitation, you need thin strips of paper (width 3 mm, length 30 cm), designer cardboard (white and lilac or any other colors), stationery awl, scissors, a picture with a bride’s silhouette, knitting needle, glue, ruler, pink paper, the printed word “Invitation”, however, it can be written manually.

Wedding invitations messages for friends?
Wedding invitations messages for friends?

We print or write text on white cardboard. For example, this:

On the right we place the silhouette of the bride (if you draw well, you can do without a stencil). The size of the invitation is 12×32 cm.

Using a ruler, measure the middle of the invitation and draw a line with the blunt edge of the knitting needle (carefully, do not cut the cardboard), bend the card in half.

We open the invitation, step back 2 cm on the sides and 1.5 from the bottom and top, then paste the pre-printed invitation text.

We circle the top of the bride’s dress (you can use tracing paper for this), cut it out according to the template from white cardboard, paste it on the dress. We take strips for quilling (they can be made independently from an ordinary white sheet of paper), gently wrap them on a thin awl or knitting needle, holding with your hand so that the strip wraps well.

These blanks are obtained (we fix them with glue so that they do not fall apart), paste them on the bride’s dress.

We put a drop of glue on the paper, and then press one side of the circle to it and hold it for a few seconds. Repeat the procedure until we fill the entire contour of the dress.

Now we make a bouquet. We draw such a spiral, cut it out and glue it on the card to make a voluminous rose.

In the upper left corner we paste the word “Invitation”, you can decorate the card with ready-made carvings, which are bought in needlework stores. Postcard is ready!

Another variation in the quilling technique will appeal to lovers of vintage style. To make an invitation card, we need: cardboard, quilling paper or just colored paper, a lace napkin, beads, ribbons, glue, curly ruler, 2 skewers (thicker and thinner), scissors, a lighter.

Under the ruler, we divide our card in two, measure the center of the fold and draw it with the blunt side of the knitting needle – then the card will be easy to open.

Now we take a paper napkin – it will be a kind of openwork frame. Glue it on the front side of the invitation.

From the lace we make flowers, and so that the ends do not fluff, they need to be burned with a lighter. We fix with glue so as not to fall apart, twist in a spiral.

Glue inside the contour of the postcard.

Wedding invitations for friends
Wedding invitations for friends

We start wrapping strips on the skewers (awl, knitting needle): the wider the skewer – the larger the element will be.

We give the desired shape (it is easiest to insert the blank into a curly ruler, so it will not break up, and then fix the turns).

We glue the finished decor on the card, press down well so that it does not fall off.

We cut out a butterfly from paper or a piece of fabric (however, you can use a regular sticker), we decorate it with beads or beads.

We glue a few lace pieces, beads, we make a bow out of a ribbon.


Scrapbooking technique and wedding invitation

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If your wedding is modest enough, you can make invitation cards using a more sophisticated technique – scrapbooking. You will need thick paper with a pattern, plain paper for the base and decoration (braid, beads, artificial flowers, and so on). It is better to extrude the text with a special guillotine knife, and not with scissors or a knitting needle – they leave kinks.

Glue the paper with the finished pattern to the base using double-sided tape.

Through the holes we pass the tape. By the way, adhesive tape is better to use clerical, the smell of construction is specific, and glue can leave sloppy spots.

Tie a bow out of a ribbon, attach decorative elements to it under the glue.

Stylish invitation card is ready! It remains to write the name of the guest and the invitation text itself.

Depending on the style of the wedding, the invitation may also be thematic: for a wedding in oriental style, a card in the form of a fan or a scroll with hieroglyphs will be appropriate, beach style – a message in a bottle or a card in the form of a Vietnamese.

Wedding invitations messages for friends?Vintage style – brooches and lace, baroque style – voluminous drawings, ornate ornaments, a lot of gold and sparkles, eco-style – all kinds of leaves, berries, grains, seeds and other gifts of nature!

Imagine, create, and your wedding celebration will be!

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