Wedding makeup 2020-2021

WEDDING MAKEUP: 5 BASIC Rules 2020-2021

Wedding make-up2020-2021
Wedding make-up2020-2021

Wedding makeup 2020-2021. The main rule of the bride’s classic wedding make-up is to avoid “flashy” provocative shades. It is better to give preference to natural colors: for example, cream, pink, peach or pale brown. A good guideline is the rules that are relevant for makeup nudes. But this is only general advice, and the full list of recommendations should be studied more carefully.

make-up for a wedding
make-up for a wedding

1 The most important thing is perfect skin

A few months before the wedding, you should start to care for your skin with special zeal. Do not forget about daily care, as well as other important regular procedures (scrubbing, masks). Traumatic procedures like chemical peels, of course, need to be postponed. But to make several visits to the cosmetologist for other more pleasant procedures (facial massage, moisturizing masks) a month before the wedding is required.

L’Oreal Paris Cleansing Facial Scrub “Endless Freshness”, for normal to combination skin, 150 ml, with Rose and Lotus extracts


2 If possible, entrust the makeup artist.

Of course, if you are sure that no one will do better than yourself, then you should do so: on the wedding day you should feel confident. In this case, we will tell you in detail about the means and beauty techniques that will be useful to you in the following, but for now we will give some tips to those who still decided to contact the makeup artist:

Start your search for a good and experienced makeup artist in advance – and it’s better to make an appointment for several at once: this way you can choose a master who will understand your style and with whom you can definitely find a common language. Read more about how to find a makeup artist for a wedding here.

Be sure to do a test makeup with the chosen makeup artist, or better, two: a month and a week before the wedding. If you, for example, tan strongly, you will need to slightly change your make-up image.

3 Use persistent products

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To make up last until the last selfie and dance with the groom at dawn the next day, you need to use persistent means. First of all, a base for makeup. After cleansing and moisturizing, apply a primer and only then go on to tone. Distribute cosmetics in translucent layers (several thin layers are better than one thick one) – this applies to blush, highlighter, transparent powder and lipstick. Read more about this topic in our article on persistent makeup.

L’Oreal Paris The persistent matting foundation “Infaillible 24 hours matt coating”, tone No. 10 Porcelain, 35 ml


your wedding make-up pictures
your wedding make-up pictures

4 Choose neutral shades

We already mentioned this rule – and it is better to adhere to it if you are planning an image with a classic dress and a traditional ceremony. You should not experiment on the eve of the wedding, but if you want something unusual, look at the list of main make-up trends: you will surely find your own. A classic that will never go out of style – radiant skin, a light blush, pink lips and a light accent on the eyes. Look for other options for discreet and elegant makeup here.

Maybelline New York Nudes Eyeshadow Palette, Natural, 9.6

5 Do not forget about matting the skin!

And do not overdo it with the highlighter: otherwise, instead of the light effect of healthy and radiant skin, you will get a greasy shine. Well, if you already have oily skin, keep matting napkins or transparent powder in your purse (pay special attention to the center of the forehead, nose wings and chin), which makeup artists recommend applying with a powder puff. And only then use the highlighter – apply it on the whiskey, the upper part of the cheekbones and, if you want to focus on the eyes, on the inner corners and under the eyebrow. About other irreplaceable means for a wedding make-up read here.

best make-up to wear for wedding in heat Outside
best make-up to wear for wedding in heat Outside

Wedding makeup for brunettes

Wedding makeup for blondes: how to repeat?

diy step-by-step wedding make up
diy step-by-step wedding make up

Gentle bridal makeup: basic rules


wedding hair make-up home
wedding hair make-up home

Wedding makeup is a traditionally conservative area. On this important day, few decide to experiment with make-up, preferring proven options in gentle pastel colors. If you want to add variety to the image, but do not plan to go much beyond, take a look at make-up trends.

wedding day make-up concord ca
wedding day make-up concord ca

1) Wine lips

Bright lipstick will not destroy the delicate and innocent look if the rest of the wedding makeup is kept in neutral colors. It is enough to use a little golden or silver eye shadow on the eyelids, slightly emphasize the eyelashes and cheekbones, add a drop of highlighter. Wine lipstick can be matte, as in the Anne Barge show, or bright glossy, made using the ombre technique, as in the Naeem Khan show.

Maybelline New York Color Sensational Lipstick Matte Temptation, Moisturizing, Tint 975.

 2) Shining skin

Many beauty decisions in the wedding image are due to the fact that the bride has to be under the gun’s eye during the whole holiday. And her presence imposes certain restrictions, therefore, all recent years, for an even tone in wedding makeup, only matte foundation was used. But the trends take their toll – naturalness is in fashion, and the skin looks natural when it shines. The surest way to make up for a wedding is to mix a foundation with a liquid highlighter and thereby make the tone not only smooth, but also fresh, healthy. And so that the grease effect does not turn out to be a glitter effect in photos from the celebration, you can slightly “dim” the glow with NYX Professional Makeup’s colorless High Definition powder. Where can I find it? In any case, you should find out what strobing is and how to do it: it is useful not only for a wedding!

tip wedding hair and make-up
tip wedding hair and make-up

3) Bronze shadow

Bronzer brides are recommended to apply not on the cheekbones, but on the eyelids – instead of shadows. This technique is successful in that, firstly, it helps to slightly darken the crease and create a volume effect that provides expressiveness to the look, and secondly, it makes the eyes shine and sparkle. At the same time, such a make-up from the side looks quite natural if arrows and other accents are not added to the “shadows”. In a similar way, the shadows of the shade of pink gold (by the way, very fashionable this year) “work”, only with them the image is more tender.

 4) Pastel Monoten

If you want to appear soft, dreamy and touching in the image of the bride, then make up with an emphasis on pastel eyeshadows (they should be matte so that the color is better “read”). Shades of pink are the most relevant, and there is no need to be afraid that they will give the eyes a painful look. Apply pink color only to the moving eyelid. And watch our video on using pink shadows.

Maybelline New York The City Mini Eye Shadow Palette, shade 430, Downtown Sunrise, 6 g

Or choose less controversial colors – mint, blue, lilac, pistachio. To pay attention to the color of the shadows, beauty gurus offer to abandon the carcass. Examples from the show Giambattista Valli and Emporio Armani will tell you whether to repeat this trick at your own wedding.

5)  Arrows cat eye

This is not an absolute beauty novelty. Fashion shows, however, once again confirmed that with such makeup a la Brigitte Bardot, brides would be best. The arrows, due to which the look becomes “cat-like,” add a retro touch to the image, which makes it more feminine.

L’Oreal Paris Superliner for eyes “Superstar”, shade 01, black, 8 g

The classic arrows can’t be lost, and if you want to show them in a new interpretation, select the corner arrows, as from the Rochas shows.

6) Underlined eyebrows

Not many girls consider this an innovation. However, emphasis on eyebrows in a wedding look is still not accepted to the same extent as in a fashionable casual make-up. Moreover, eyebrows – neatly “combed” and tinted so that the shape becomes even more elegant – can enhance the impression of naturalness from makeup. Eyebrows designed with all care make other facial expressions more expressive, helping to emphasize the advantages of appearance. Brides who prefer a fun party to a formal ceremony with friends can even try on a fashionable look with colored eyebrows.

7) Transparent lip gloss

Bright lipstick – a possible option for a wedding. Most often, however, they choose neutral lip makeup. And beauty trends in 2020 have it. At the shows of Versace, Giorgio Armani and Alberto Zambelli, transparent lip glosses again announced themselves. Replace them if desired with more comfortable balms. The essence, however, will remain the same: lips will acquire a moist glow (it will attract attention to them), as well as volume. The image will not lose the charm of naturalness, if such an effect is its basis. Look here for a list of worthy shines to look out for.

8) Sparkles

The bride should shine, and if the makeup using the strobe technique is not enough for you, add a little larger sparkles. Apply loose glitter to the cheekbones or glue a few rhinestones into the temples area, as in the Nicole show (or in our photo tutorial). The main thing is not to overdo it.

9) Red haze

Half-blush, covering the area from the cheekbones to the eyebrows, we saw at fashion shows last year. In 2020, a bold trend reached the wedding fashion. In such a make-up, the main thing is an ideal face tone: the bright color of the shadows will emphasize the slightest redness of the skin. Therefore, before applying shadow or blush in this technique, read the material on how to use red shades in eye makeup.

 10) White arrows

The arrows to match the white dress will immediately make the whole image more austere, graphic and, of course, memorable. Here we talk about pencils and eyeliners that will help draw clear arrows.

Maybelline New York Expression Kajal Eye Shade 35.

11) Brown smokey

Classic black or gray smokey in a wedding make-up may look too coarse and inappropriate, but a light chocolate haze (for example, such) will be just right. Brunettes can use more saturated shades, but for brides with blond hair it is better to stay on a shade of coffee with milk. Such you will find, for example, in the Nudes palette from Maybellin.


Choose a wedding makeup option, focusing on the color type. To understand the issue completely, let’s look at each case individually.

Bridal makeup blue eyes
Bridal makeup blue eyes

Wedding makeup for gray and blue-gray eyes

The main taboo of wedding makeup for gray eyes is the shade of blue shades. With them, the eyes will look like two large bluish spots. A painful look with such makeup is guaranteed. But dark cobalt mascara is a great idea. A bright cornflower hue of eyelashes will emphasize the noble gray color of the eyes.

As for the shadows, golden and coffee brown shades are perfect. Warm and tender, they will create a contrast with the cold color of the eyes. As a result, the makeup will turn out to be discreet harmonious and conservative (in the good sense of the word).

An example of a beautiful wedding makeup for girls with gray eyes

wedding hair and make-up
wedding hair and make-up

1 Prepare the skin: cleanse your face with micellar water, apply a moisturizer, use a primer. Do not forget about the lips: they also need care. Use a nourishing balm, wait until it is absorbed properly (you can get the excess wet with a napkin) and apply a lip primer (for example, the Ultimate Ozone Multipurpose Primer Pencil from Urban Decay), or just powder them.

2 Apply a light texture foundation to your entire face except the area around your eyes — for example, Cushion, BB Cream, or CC Cream.

Distribute the tonal product not with a brush, but with your fingers: from the heat of the skin, the texture will become more plastic, it will be easier to distribute it on the skin and shade. Plus, this application method is more economical.

3 Fix makeup with compact or loose powder to extend its durability and matte the skin.

4 Make light contouring with a creamy texture: the result will look more natural. Contour a face depending on its shape.

5 On the “apples” of the cheeks, apply blush (again, it is better to use cream or gel for a more natural effect).

6 If the eyebrows are sufficiently thick and voluminous, simply color them with a pencil in shape and fix with a gel. If the form needs a more serious correction, use wax for eyebrows, eye shadow or lipstick for eyebrows (we wrote about the pros and cons of each remedy in a separate article).

7 For makeup, you can use liquid shadows in three different shades in a bronze tint. Apply the lightest directly with your finger to the center of the moving eyelid and to the inner corners.

On the outside – medium tint. Blend the borders properly. Then, with a small elastic brush, apply some shadows of medium tone also under the lower eyelashes.

8 Draw the eyelash growth line with a brown pencil: eyelashes will look visually thicker. Paint the lower and upper eyelashes with mascara, it is better if it is waterproof.

9 Circle the lips along the contour with a pencil and use any tool that is familiar to you: lipstick, gloss or lipstick. Do not forget to take it with you to the ceremony to adjust makeup during the day.

No less spectacularly accentuated gray eyes are silver smokey ice

your wedding make-up reddit
your wedding make-up reddit
how to make a pick-up wedding dress
how to make a pick-up wedding dress

Wedding makeup for green eyes is a field for experimentation. Coffee shades are also appropriate here, with which the eyes will appear even more green. And light smoky eyes – gray or khaki. The boldest ones are advised to decide on a dark purple eyeliner (the main thing is to blend it well). And even better – on smokey in bright emerald colors.

1 Apply a foundation on the entire face, opting for a long-lasting version with a matting effect. After the tone has been absorbed, walk over the entire face with a dry brush to remove excess tones and indicate the natural relief of the skin.

2 For eye makeup, use shades with a pinkish tint: it will perfectly contrast with the green color of the eyes, help make them more bright and expressive. With a fluffy brush with artificial pile, spread the shadows over the entire surface of the moving eyelid and blend it up onto the stationary eyelid using the smokey technique.

3 Apply dry shades of a brighter purple-pink hue over the base shade. Use a soft flat brush, as in the photo below: to “seal” the color and at the same time blending. Use the same brush to apply black shadows along the ciliary edge.

4 Apply black waterproof mascara to your eyelashes.

5 Concealer with reflective particles, treat the area under the eyes. Especially carefully work out the part where the inner corner of the eye connects to the nose: it is here that the “blue” is most often visible.

6 With a wide soft brush, apply the highlighter only on the cheekbones, avoiding the T-zone. If you have oily skin, use a tool with a dry texture, if normal – give preference to gel or cream blush. Spread the blush.

7 Lips in this version of makeup can be more juicy, as the make-up of the eyes turned out to be quite calm. Thus, the emphasis is shifted slightly to blush and lip gloss. To make the eyebrows look natural, but neat and well-groomed, use a tint gel.

wedding make-up brown eyeliner
wedding make-up brown eyeliner

Makeup with beige and pink shades and nude lipstick is also great for green-eyed.

hair make-up wedding winchester berryville va
hair make-up wedding winchester berryville va

Like smoky ice in khaki – but this is perhaps the option for those who are not afraid of experimentation.

wedding hair makeup
wedding hair makeup

Wedding makeup for blue eyes is the case when you should take up the purple shadows. You can even with a metallic effect (for example, Eyeshadow Backfire, Urban Decay). Well, those who like a more romantic make-up can not do without golden, copper or terracotta shades. What is not worth doing? Wedding eye makeup is definitely not gray smokey. At the ceremony, such a make-up will look too vulgar. It is better to arrange beauty breaks when you go to a nightclub, and not down the aisle.

1 Apply a base for the eyelids or powder them slightly if there is no suitable product at hand.

2 Apply light shadows with a light shimmer to the moving eyelid with a flat brush made of natural pile. You can combine several shades at once: use a lighter shade at the inner corner, and a darker one closer to the outer corner, gently blend the transition between them.

3 Looking straight ahead, blend the dark, dull shade of the shadows over the fixed eyelid. If you have an overhanging eyelid, like a model, start shading from the outer corner of the eye, where the dark shadows should be as saturated as possible to visually reduce the volume of the overhanging eyelid. Also emphasize the lower eyelid with dark matte shadows at the outer corner and lighter, shining, in the middle of the eyelid and at the inner corner.

4 With a black eyeliner, color the inter-ciliary space, as well as the growth line of the upper eyelashes.

5 Apply mascara to your eyelashes. You can stick several bundles of artificial eyelashes.

Wedding makeup for brown eyes

If you have brown eyes, it’s time to use black eyeliner. Usually it is not recommended to use it in wedding make-up, so as not to make it too dramatic: it does not threaten you! No extraordinary shooters – only the unchanging classic in the style of Audrey Hepburn. A liner with a thin tip will help to achieve the desired effect, with the help of which it is easy to draw a neat and very thin line. Too boring? Then try bright smokey in violet, turquoise or bronze shades – as in our photo instruction.

1 At the first stage, use shades of the shade of the color of your own shadow: this technique will help make the makeup more saturated.

2 Distribute the liquid satin shades of a dark bronze hue over the outer corner of the eye, use a fluffy brush made of natural pile.

3 To make eye makeup a little softer, distribute light shining shades or pigment from the inner corner of the eye to its middle.

4 Draw arrows with a black liner: a variant of such a form, as in the photo, will help visually lengthen the eyes (about what other arrows are for the eyes, read here).

5 Curl your eyelashes with a curler and apply mascara to a rich black color. Make eyebrow makeup: the product should not be in tone, but three or four tones lighter.

No worse on owners of blue eyes will look lilac smokey with blackout at the outer corner.

And if you have a warm skin tone, feel free to bet on golden shades.


When it comes to wedding makeup for blondes, it’s important to keep a sense of proportion. In other words, on fair-haired girls, all the “flashy” shades look too elaborate, so stick to the classic colors that give preference to the bride. Look for inspiration in the photos below.

For those who crave color, you can “walk around” in the makeup of the lips. Apply fuchsia lipstick to the center of the lips with a tapping motion for a fashionable “kissed” effect. So the lipstick will not look too bright.

Bright golden shadows are a great option for a wedding. In the light, they will beautifully shimmer and make the look more expressive. But lip makeup in this case is better to leave neutral – either do without lipstick at all, using only lip balm, or apply a translucent shine.

You can completely dispense with accents and pay attention to what is already there: draw and comb eyebrows, even out the tone of the face and moisturize your lips, and apply beige shadows on your eyelids to even out their color.

Wedding is an occasion to shine! And it’s not just about the eyes. Highlighter golden hue can be applied to the entire surface from the temples to the cheekbones. You get a creative and unusual image.

Wedding makeup for blondes with blue eyes

Decide immediately what emphasis to do: on the eyes (for example, apply beige and coffee shades) or on the lips (try red scarlet lipstick). Another caveat: refrain from bronzing powder. A pale pink blush and cream highlighter will be more than enough.


Wedding make-up2020
Wedding make-up2020

If you have dark hair, you can move away from the classic makeup scheme for the bride and use brighter colors: you can even afford fuchsia lipstick! Why not?

Here are a few more options:

Pale pink lipstick, blush in tone on the apples of the cheeks and eyebrows laid with gel.

Peach eyeshadow, matte lipstick shade of a faded rose and highlighter on the cheekbones.

Another option is a radiant skin tone and golden shadows on a moving eyelid.

Or a shining blush and a pink highlighter on the eyelids that will look spectacular charming.

Wedding makeup for brown-eyed brunettes

Wedding makeup for brown-eyed brunettes
Wedding makeup for brown-eyed brunettes

Brown shading on the eyelids, voluminous black mascara, caramel lip gloss – and the wedding makeup for the brown eyes of brunettes is ready! A little trick: to make the image more tender, color the eyebrows with a tone or two lighter than hair. Thanks to this detail, wedding makeup for brunettes will look touching and innocent.

Want to shine brighter than stars at your own wedding? Take the chance to try on the image, which we analyze in detail in the video below!

Wedding makeup for blue-eyed brunettes

wedding hair make-up home
wedding hair make-up home

Golden, coffee or pastel shades – with this combination, wedding makeup for blue-eyed brunettes looks first-class. By the way, light shades can be with a satin shine. This will give the face an extra gloss.



1) Before starting makeup, prepare the skin using the base. Then apply tonal fluid. It’s great if it contains a light-scattering (but not reflective!) Complex, thanks to which your skin will look great in photos.


2) Put a little pink blush on the cheeks. To make the makeup as natural as possible, blend the product very carefully, moving in the direction from the ear.


3) The face will look more voluminous, and the skin will be radiant if you walk the highlighter on the cheekbones, the bending area of ​​the eyebrows and the back of the nose. The final touch is light accents by the same highlighter over the lip and in the inner corners of the eyes.


4) Next – eyebrows! Bridging all the gaps is your goal. To do this, take a pencil with which it is easy to draw hairs that cannot be distinguished from natural ones. After drawing the eyebrows, carefully comb them with a brush: excess texture will remain on it, and the hairs will lie perfectly in the position that you set them.


5) For a beautiful accent on the lips, give preference to a scarlet pencil and lipstick. A little beige eye shadow, mascara in one layer – and the wedding makeup is ready!


Which bridal makeup would you choose?

Gentle without strong accents. With a bright emphasis on the lips. With an expressive emphasis on the eyes.


Bridal makeup for Asian eyes implies a neat arrow on the upper eyelid. Gradually thickening, draw it in the direction from the inner corner of the eye to the outer. Apply a light shade of shadows to the center of the eyelid, and darker to the corner of the eye. And, of course, it’s worth curling your eyelashes with a special curler and applying lengthening mascara to them: all these tricks will instantly open your eyes.


wedding hair makeup
wedding hair makeup

Arrows are a good idea for those accustomed to accentuating their eyes. The main nuance is that they need to be carefully shaded. A little glowing pigment can be added to the center of the moving eyelid to create a festive mood. Do not forget about eyelashes! If by nature they are not too thick for you, a couple of days before the event, sign up for a lamination procedure in the salon, after which the eyelashes will curl up so that only one layer of mascara is enough to achieve super-length. Look for examples of successful wedding makeup with arrows in our photo selection.

Red lips are in fashion
Red lips are in fashion

Draw wide black arrows, and underline the lower eyelid with pink shadows.

Or draw arrows that start from the middle of the century.

You can give preference to very thin arrows without long tails in combination with golden shadows.

Or let the arrows be almost straight, without bending.

Arrows can also follow the shape of the ciliary contour.


tip wedding hair and make-up
tip wedding hair and make-up

What your wedding make-up will be depends on various factors: in addition to personal preferences, the role is played by the outfit and theme of the wedding.

Gentle makeup

Nude makeup
Nude makeup

The most innocent, touching and gentle way – makeup without makeup. To look fresh, choose light pink shades of eyeshadow, blush and lipstick.

Focus on a radiant tone and a light focus on the outer contour of the eye.

Or let blush become the main element of makeup.

You can also use the strobe technique to achieve a fashionable and delicate shine.

Randomly distribute multi-colored glitter throughout the eyelid.

Or fill the entire eyelid with radiant pale pink shadows.

Bright wedding makeup.

Photo of bright wedding makeup
Photo of bright wedding makeup

Want brighter makeup? Then focus on the lips. You can choose the color of lipstick depending on the shades prevailing in the design of your wedding: red, saturated pink, terracotta.

And do not forget that lipstick should be not only beautiful, but also persistent. How to choose a shade of lipstick? The rule works here: for fair skin – cold colors, for tanned – warm.

And if you want to focus on the eyes, you can experiment with a purple tint.

Taupe smoky eyes

best make-up
best make-up

Dark chocolate colored smoky eyes are a strong darkening make-up that is more appropriate for an image with a black tie dress code and an evening dress. Wedding make-up should be easier – to match the bright image of the bride in a white dress. Therefore, choosing smokey as the main emphasis, do it with softer shades of shadows. Not brown, but coffee taupe. If you “put” it into the fold of the eyelid, you will achieve the effect of depth. And the shading around the eye contour will make the look especially attractive.

Plain Smokey

wedding make-up fotos
wedding make-up fotos

Smoky eyes are not always makeup with a transition from a light shade to a dark one. The most important thing in such a make-up is the haze effect, which is created by shading the borders of the color application. In wedding makeup, haze can also be obtained in light shades. Pay attention to the pink shadows with a shimmer, as from the Giorgio Armani show; another option is a bronzer, put on the eyelids as shadows (here, a make-up from the Temperley London show spring-summer 2020 can become a role model).

Haze and arrows

wedding make-up pictures
wedding make-up pictures

If you want something more than just a layer of eye shadow on the eyelids, then add the cat eye arrows to the smokey effect. These two make-up receptions perfectly complement each other, allowing you to make a full emphasis on the eyes – in a wedding look, it is useful to girls who want to captivate,wedding makeup 2020-2021.

Both beige-brown and pink shades can serve as the basis, and for the arrows you can choose not only black, but also, for example, gray eyeliner – it will allow you to more gently emphasize the eye contour.

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