Menu for wedding receptions

Menu for wedding receptions

Wedding reception menu ideas on a budget

American wedding by all the rules

Each country has its own wedding traditions. The way an American wedding takes place, we could see more than once in feature films. Someone may have been lucky enough to personally take a walk at such a wedding. Residents of the States are a principled people, and rarely break the rules. The rules of an American wedding are not enough. The rite itself is two-stage. From the first stage-engagement to the second stage – wedding – can take at least six months.

Expensive pleasure

Observing the wedding rites of America costs the culprits a pretty penny, namely, tens of thousands of dollars. This is a classic wedding. The first thing you need to spend money on is rings. In the United States, bar menu wedding, you can buy a set of three rings, one for men and two for women – wedding and wedding rings. As a rule, these jewelry items are made of gold and encrusted with diamonds or other stones. After the young people are engaged and engaged, a thorough preparation for a significant event begins.

Various agencies will help you prepare your wedding. There are many such organizations in the United States. Some are engaged in decorating the premises, others advise on the rules of the American wedding, provide wedding managers, others take responsibility for the festive table, and so on. A couple can’t do without the services of an Atelier. How lavish the wedding will be and how many guests will attend it depends on the thickness of the purse and the status of the future young family.
What is a good menu for a wedding reception?

Responsibilities of the bride and groom

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The chef, who will be responsible for the wedding menu, chosen by the bride. In front of his future wife standing and creative tasks – design of invitation cards, menu and script. Wedding cocktail party menù.
The groom takes responsibility for the musical accompaniment of the wedding. American wedding songs and music of other genres can be performed at the ceremony by Prim Symphony orchestras, relaxed folk groups or jazz performers. It all depends on the overall style of the wedding and the tastes of those present.
A lot is spent on a wedding in America, and most often the” sponsors ” are the bride’s parents. The ceremony in the Church should be ordered about six months before this significant event. You need to decide where the wedding will be held. Best of all, if it is a huge house with a beautiful garden.Menu for wedding receptions. The job of the florists is the decoration of tents over the tables flower arrangements.

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What is a good menu for a wedding reception?

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America is a large country with several climate zones and a huge coastline. Different parts of the country have their own favorite dishes. Somewhere you will be treated to crocodile meat, and somewhere dessert with hot pepper. But there are, nevertheless, dishes common to all of America. This is the famous roast Turkey, steak, Apple pie. A passion for barbecue, seafood and fish is a characteristic feature of many Americans. Americans are very fond of fried to a crisp chicken, complex and simple salads, chocolate cake, cheesecake.

Recipes for a wedding in American style

1) Cobb salad (Cobb Salad)

This is, as they Americans, has its own Hollywood story. One night the owner of the restaurant, a certain Bob Cobb, got very hungry. And whether there were no ready-made dishes in the kitchen,wedding buffet menu ideas, or whether he preferred to eat only the freshest, he took out all the available products from the refrigerator and prepared a salad from them.

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The meal was shared by the same midnight reveller, Hollywood producer Sid Gauman. The next day, when he stopped by the restaurant, he asked for the dish he had eaten the day before. So there was Cobb salad, which later became one of the most popular in the country.
For Cobb salad, you will need the following products:
boiled meat
ham or smoked brisket
lettuce leaves
boiled eggs
All ingredients are cut into strips and stacked in rows-strips. They are filled with a dressing made from olive oil, red wine vinegar, Dijon mustard, salt and ground black pepper.

Wedding menu 2021-2022

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2) Texas-style ribs

For this dish you need to prepare a special marinade, which consists of 10 products. The marinade contains the following ingredients: onion, olive oil, ketchup, Worcestershire sauce, chili, honey, mustard, thyme, salt, pepper. Pork ribs are cooked together with lemons for 40 minutes. After that, dry on a towel. From 10 ingredients in a blender, prepare the sauce and marinate the ribs for an hour. After that, fry, preferably on the grill, pouring sauce all the time. Serve the Texas-style ribs hot.

3) Banana dessert with ice cream (Banana split)

One portion of the dessert will need a banana, 2 small waffles, 2 scoops of ice cream, chocolate sauce. Cut the banana into two halves and put it in a vase at a certain distance from each other. Ice cream balls are placed between the banana halves, waffles are inserted into them and the whole structure is poured with chocolate sauce. The sauce is made from chocolate, cream, butter and sugar. Serve the dessert very quickly, while the ice cream has melted.

Wedding menu 2021-2022

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Menu for wedding receptions, You can always find GOOD food solutions. The main thing is to do it with pleasure!

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