20 Nistakes in Wedding Makeup

20 Nistakes in Wedding Makeup

Wedding makeup is an important part of the bride’s image. To look great on such an important day, make sure that you don’t make the following mistakes.

Mistakes in wedding makeup

Your wedding day is not a time for bold experiments, whether it is blue mascara or unusual for you red lipstick. Give up flashy tones and choose a makeup that will make you feel comfortable and that will emphasize your natural beauty.

Many makeup trends, such as dramatic smoky eyes, dark lipstick shades, or contouring, look too rough and provocative in daylight. In addition, choosing a popular shade of lipstick or shadow this season, you must be 100% sure that you will like it in 10 years, when you want to review wedding photos. Perhaps you should choose more classic options that will always look modern and relevant.

Make-up is exactly the part of wedding expenses that you should not save on, so do not refuse to rehearse it before the wedding. Spend it 1-2 months before the holiday – so you will have time to choose a new image, if the first one does not suit you.
To avoid this situation, prepare for a trial makeup session in advance: search fashion blogs or Pinterest for images that you like and show them to the makeup artist. The ideal option is to rehearse both makeup and hairstyle in one day. Do you want to see the entire image? Wear white on this day.

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Wedding makeup tips


Best ideas wedding make-up

Do you want to try out a cream that your friend recommended to you, or a new procedure in the salon? If your wedding is less than two months away, it is better to postpone all the experiments for later. The best thing you can do on the eve of the celebration is to continue to care for the skin with the usual means and do not forget about moisturizing.

Glowing skin is a new trend in makeup that allows you to create a gentle, vibrant image, but too much shimmer, highlighter and shimmering shadows will visually make your skin more oily.
To avoid this, add just a little Shine directly above the cheekbone and under the eyebrows – it looks very natural, as if your skin glows from the inside. And give up shiny decorative cosmetics: in photos, sequins will most likely look like white spots on the skin.

Undisputed in eye makeup is only the use of black mascara, but smoky shadows or dark long arrows are not suitable for everyone and often do not go with the gentle and romantic image of the bride in a snow-white dress. In addition, too dark makeup can create the effect of “bruises” under the eyes in photos.
No less effective and at the same time more natural will look shadows of natural shades: beige, brown, light gray, olive. When choosing a palette, focus on the color of your eyes: for green eyes, bronze and peach shades are suitable, for brown-mocha and dark sand, for blue-gray and violet, and for gray – steel and copper.

Niall's worst wedding makeup

Ideas Niall's worst wedding makeup

Wedding fashion images makeup

Eyebrows frame the eyes, so their appearance should also be paid attention to. First of all, consult with a makeup artist about the shape of your eyebrows – you need to pluck them out in advance so that the injured skin has time to heal before you apply makeup to it.
You can highlight your eyebrows by various means: pencil, shadows, and even permanent paint. For makeup, choose the most natural shades and do not forget to fix the hair with gel or wax.

Do you want to look perfect in wedding photos, so choose the densest Foundation and fix your makeup with a thick layer of powder?
Clogged pores and perfectly even skin tone will most likely make you look like a porcelain doll, and a large amount of powder will visually add a few years to your life. Give preference to light BB creams (especially if the wedding takes place on a hot summer day), and conceal small imperfections will help concealer.

On your wedding day, give up lip gloss in favor of lipstick: it is more resistant, which means that you do not have to correct your makeup every time after a kiss with the groom. In addition, lip gloss does not look the best in the photo, creating bright highlights and a fuzzy lip contour. Give preference to a persistent matte lipstick, so as not to leave fingerprints on the veil and cheeks of guests.

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How to make a great makeup?

Step by step don't make mistakes

Remember that in contrast with a white dress, tanned skin will appear even darker – and this does not always look natural. Do not forget about the white marks from the swimsuit – they should not be visible in the neckline of the dress.
If you are tanning in a tanning salon, plan a few small sessions for a couple of weeks before the wedding – this way your tan will be smoother. Do you prefer tanning? Do not use it for the first time on the eve of the wedding, and allocate time in advance to practice in its application and get exactly the shade that will look natural on your skin.

11. Wearing the wrong base color.  Even if you need to mix three basic colors to find the right one for your skin, now is not the time to say, “Oh, it’s a little dark, but it will do.” Too light lighting can make you look like a doll, and too dark can make you look like you’ve painted your face, and any one of them looks even more exaggerated in photos. Start testing the foundations about 3 months before your wedding and continue testing based on whether you spend more time in the sun or are experimenting with new facial products that may affect the texture of your skin.

12. Do not use waterproof mascara.  This error applies to both wedding visitors and the bride, but probably the biggest mistake you can make is not to use water – resistant mascara . Weddings are emotional holidays, so tears are almost guaranteed. Avoid tearing Lauren Conrad mascara with a water-resistant formula.

How not to ruin your wedding makeup, tips


How not to ruin your wedding makeup, tips!

Images wedding make-up

13. Forget to peel off before applying lipstick.  Whether you choose a lipstick or lip gloss, exfoliation before applying is so necessary. Use a sugar scrub and toothbrush to exfoliate dead skin, and apply a moisturizing mask to your lips at night to make your lips soft and smooth for application in the morning at your wedding.

14. Applying blush like a doll. Meaning: don’t get too rosy and make sure you mix, mix, mix. Apply blush to the apples on your cheeks, making sure that the shade you choose is not too dark or too bright.

15. Applying makeup without moisturizing first. If you are going to spend all this time and money to make your makeup look perfect, do not spoil the entire appearance by applying cosmetics to dry, flaky skin. We recommend using a face mask that you tried three days before your wedding, using a face oil the night before, and a face lotion the night before.

Photo wedding make-up

Mistakes that should not be made when making wedding makeup

Mistakes should not be made when making wedding makeup

16. Wearing shadows that do not have a natural color scheme. We all love good emerald green eye shadow, but we’ll leave it for the girls at night. A smoky eye can look beautiful on a wedding day as long as it is not mixed and colors in a natural color scheme like Browns , tans, creams and taupes.

17. Hire your “friend who is great with makeup” as a makeup artist. If you are going to hire a makeup artist for your wedding day, make sure to go with a professional. Your friend who is great at makeup can actually be great, but if you came up with everything and aren’t happy with the result, telling a friend that you don’t like something can be terrible. Stay with someone whose feelings won’t be hurt if you want to change what they’ve done.

18. Do not put your face on your face when putting on a dress. Most dresses these days can be entered, but if you are wearing a dress that you need to put on your head, be sure to put a covering on your head, such as a large canvas makeup bag, to avoid putting makeup on the dress. Similarly, be sure to wear a button or zip-up shirt when you are actually doing your hair and makeup, so as not to ruin your makeup when you change.

20 mistakes in wedding makeup

20 mistakes in wedding makeup images

20 mistakes in wedding makeup photo

19. No oil blotting sheets. A matte Foundation can solve some problems with oily skin, but don’t forget to carry oil blotting sheets for a touch-up during the day. In between all the exciting moments when family members and friends are celebrating with you, you don’t want to be brilliant for photos.

20. Save on concealer. Overuse of concealer is also bad, but don’t try to use a product that can change the world for the better. Dark circles under your eyes never look good, especially in wedding photos.

20 mistakes in wedding makeup ideas

Make up mistakes don't make them

Ideas photo wedding make-up

20 Nistakes in Wedding Makeup.

GOOD tips for any bride they will be very necessary Read and write down the best!We tried to make the most of this topic.


20 mistakes in wedding makeup

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