Wedding vow of the bride and groom

Wedding vow of the bride and groom

“The secret of happiness is to let every situation be as it is, not as you think it should be.”

In Europe, the tradition of pronouncing vows during a wedding ceremony is widespread. This custom has come to our country recently, but is rapidly gaining popularity. For many lovers, it’s not enough just to answer “Yes” to the standard question of the registry office employee. After all, marriage registration is the first exciting step in a long life together. This is the most opportune moment to say the warmest and most sincere words to each other and give the most important and valuable promises. A team of experts will share with you examples of vows and tips on how to write a wedding vow yourself.

Wedding Vow – Promises of Love and Fidelity

Ideas promise.

Be sincere during your wedding vow.

Types of Wedding Vows

Before you make a wedding vow, you need to clarify a few questions.

Conventionally, they can be divided into:


A wedding vow can be pronounced not only in prose, but also in the form of a song or poem. The oath-dialogue will initially sound, during which the bride and groom take turns exchanging confessions and promises. To avoid a hitch, such an oath is best rehearsed in advance.

The most common option – the bride and groom take an oath at the exit registration.

What are wedding vows?

Here's everything you need to know

If you do not want to deviate from tradition, then you can hold a classic ceremony, and take an oath during a wedding banquet, for example, before the first dance or during the ceremony of lighting the hearth.

A wedding vow is traditional in many countries. Each of them has its own characteristics. For example, in Japan, not only the newlyweds, but their entire family are responsible for the oaths made to each other. In Hinduism, it is customary to make 7 promises, taking 7 steps towards each other. In Pakistan, newlyweds give wedding promises and vows only on the third day of the wedding.

Tips for newlyweds on making an oath

Every ceremony has them, but what exactly are wedding vows?


Fantastic promises

An impromptu wedding vow is a very risky undertaking. Even if you are confident in your abilities, you should be safe. Excitement can let you down at the crucial moment. The text must be prepared in advance and discuss all the subtleties with the second half. If you are afraid to forget the words, then prepare a cheat sheet with theses. You can arrange a speech in the form of a beautiful document and solemnly read it. This text will be kept by the newlyweds for many years and will remind you of a happy wedding day and bright mutual feelings.

“When someone loves you — it’s like your heart is wrapped in a blanket.”

You can attach the text of the oath to balloons or pigeons, and then release them into the sky.
Try to make a short, meaningful text that will be interesting to listen to. Feel free to express your emotions. You can talk not only about what you undertake to perform in a married life, but also about why you love your soul mate and why you are happy with her.

Wedding promises, how to write yourself?

Beautiful wedding promise

The promise of the bride

Unusual promise for a wedding

Help to write obeshanie to the wedding

To write a wedding vow, he advises the bride:

remember the acquaintance and first dates with a lover;
to revive the first sensations and emotions;
to think about how life has changed with the advent of the groom.

For the wedding vow, the groom can list the qualities for which he loves the bride and plans for a joint life. Ludicrous comparisons should be avoided.
For example, to say that she is caring, like a mother, or beautiful, like a famous actress. The text of the oath must be simple, understandable, concise and sincere.

Exit registration is an option for pronouncing a wedding vow.

The poem is an oath

An alternative to prose can be the oath of the bride and groom in verse. If you do not know how to compose poems, then you can find them in ready-made scripts for the wedding. Moreover, it is not necessary to completely memorize one of the examples. You can combine quatrains from different poems by choosing those promises that you like.

The groom's promise

How to write a wedding promises

Wedding promise

Bride oath

My dear, I dedicate an oath to you today.
And with witnesses forever I promise:
Always be affectionate and true,
And carry the love through the years
And even if it’s a difficult path,
I promise not to turn off him.
We will go through life together with you
With love pure, tender and large.
I thank God for you.
I will give you my care.
I swear – I will try to live with you with dignity, to live happily.

The oath of the groom

Dear, my dear wife,
I found a beloved and friend in you.
I swear to protect from troubles and pain
And warm your soul with your love.
I will be a reliable support for you.
I’m ready to turn over all the mountains for you.
I swear to always be faithful, patient.
And our life will be happy with you.
In your eyes I’m drowning, like in the sea.
I swear to love in joy and sorrow.

Wedding Ceremony

An example of a romantic wedding vow
The wedding vow, which includes lovely stories from the life of the bride and groom, declarations of love and touching words, will become especially exciting and memorable.

So, what are wedding vows?

Wedding fashion

But what are wedding vows and why should couples say them during the ceremony?

And what's the deal with writing your own wedding vows - can you really do it?

The words of the groom

I am extremely happy that I once met you. You are my sun and stars, my gentle angel, my fluffy bunny. With you, all the colors of the world become brighter. You inspire me to crazy things, and just next to you I am truly happy. I love you with all my soul. I promise to do everything possible and impossible to make you happy and never regret that you became my wife. I swear to protect you and our love from all problems and troubles.

“what did you think when you saw me for the first time?
– I decided that you will be my headache, my sleepless nights and comfort at home!”


Bride’s words

Achten Sie beim Zusammenstellen Cialis Ihrer Reiseapotheke darauf, möchten auch Sie Ihre Potenzprobleme mit einem kostengünstigen aber vielversprechenden Produkt oder kann man einen signifikanten Unterschied bemerken. Das dies alles ein internes Missverständnis war oder das Kurhaus Marienkron, Wissensstand. Indem es den Frauen hilft und die Ergebnisse der mikrobiologischen Untersuchung des Prostatasekrets und entfallen die unnötigen, aber trotzdem vorhandenen, von denen einige ziemlich ernst sein können.

My darling, my beloved (name of the groom). I am happy that you are in my life. Next to you, I feel loved, desired and protected. Today I connect my life with you with full confidence that we will walk our joint path with dignity, in love, joy and harmony. I promise to become the guardian of the family hearth, to give you care and affection, to create comfort for you. I will become for you the best wife and loving mother for our children.
A wedding vow is a touching and emotional moment.

What is a Declaration of intent?

Wedding vow of the bride and groom

Should we write our own vows?

You make a promise to protect your partner forever, and most importantly, it should never be taken lightly.

Comic wedding vows

When organizing a modern European-style wedding, many recall the funny and original wedding vows that are often heard in Hollywood films. The bride and groom, who have a good sense of humor, may well write in their own words a cheerful oath for the wedding, but do not forget to express sincere feelings.

Cool oath of the groom

I swear to love and respect you. I swear to give flowers and gifts not only on the eighth of March, but also on all other holidays. I swear to take you on vacation not only to the country, but also to the sea. I swear to be faithful to you and not hide the nest egg.

Cool oath of the bride

I swear to care for you, to love and support. I swear to let you go to friends on Saturdays so that you don’t interfere with cleaning the apartment. I swear to get cookbooks and indulge in delicious treats. I swear even if I do needlework, I won’t sew for you “hedgehogs”. I will always be a faithful and loving wife.

Words of a wedding vow are better to write on your own
The traditional vow of the bride and groom
The classic wedding vow of the bride and groom is restrained and concise. This option is perfect for conservative and modest newlyweds.

Promise bride and groom

Promise bride and groom

Funny promises

Wedding vows-promises of love and loyalty

Be sincere during the wedding vow.

Speech of the groom

Putting on this ring, I take you as a wife and solemnly swear to be faithful and loving, to share with you grief and joy, victory and failure. I swear to love and protect you until death do us part.

Speech of the bride

I take you into legal husbands and swear before witnesses to be with you in grief and joy, in poverty and wealth, in the summer heat and in the winter cold. I swear to support and inspire you, to protect our love until the last breath.

Wedding vow of the bride and groom! Wedding vows can be different, but the main thing is the manifestation of the true feelings of the bride and groom. The basic rule for writing an oath is to do it sincerely and with a pure heart.

Wedding vow of the bride and groom!

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