Wedding budget principles of competent planning

Wedding budget principles of competent planning

Wedding budget

The cost of organizing a wedding is one of the most relevant topics for future newlyweds. Wedding will help you set priorities, remember nothing, and distribute your holiday budget correctly. And you will calmly start preparing for an important event, without being distracted by the material issue.

8 crazy easy steps to create your wedding budget

Here’s how to plan your dream wedding without going into debt? Not a simple question but let’s try to climb!
Despite the different financial possibilities, the essence of wedding expenses is usually the same. Individual wishes can increase or decrease the total amount, so of course there is no optimal budget for a wedding. However, you can Orient yourself to a certain ratio of costs by dividing the entire holiday into the main items of expenditure.

The budget for the wedding

A well-thought-out budget for a wedding

1. Banquet-40%
By choosing a venue for the ceremony and a restaurant in one place, you will save precious time on the wedding day, and also avoid additional expenses for the transfer to the Banquet. Give preference to a room with a suitable interior style – so you will need a minimum of decoration for the wedding.
Most often, restaurants offer a Deposit payment system, or calculate the cost based on the total number of guests. It is better to consult the organizers or restaurateurs in advance about the amount of alcohol. We recommend that you find out the range of drinks by experimenting with the preferences of your guests.

Wedding budget 2020

2. Wedding show-15 %
The mood of your holiday and each guest directly depends on the choice of the host and the prepared program. Pay special attention to this point. You should be close to the humor and temperament of the person who will emotionally shape the evening. In addition, when preparing, you need to discuss all the details: which jokes are better to avoid, from which of the invited guests you should not expect activity, and determine the optimal number of rooms.
Also included in this financial planning item is the performance of musical groups and dance groups that will fill the celebration with special charisma. The main thing is to follow the principle :” better less, Yes better.” You do not need to overload the program with additional numbers, the mood of the wedding should remain light and unobtrusive. We recommend spending the planned amount for two or three performances.

Super budget for a wedding

How do I allocate my budget for a wedding?

8 crazy easy steps to create your wedding budget

The costs of organizing the wedding

3. Floristics and decor-10 %
When you are engaged in flower decoration of a wedding, focus on seasonal plants, so you will be able to save money perfectly. Remember that it is important to maintain the basic concept, and not to shock guests with the number of songs.
Set a budget for wedding decorators at the beginning of your interaction, so that professionals can develop a design in accordance with the stated wishes, without going beyond the financial limits.

The average US wedding costs $ 44,000 for 167 guests, according to 2020

costs wedding budget

4. Photo and video shooting – 10 %
Saving on this issue is unacceptable if you want to get a quality product. The only way to minimize expenses is to contact novice and talented professionals, but be extremely careful. There is no way to fix a ruined shoot – wedding takes are unique. Compare prices on the market for photo and video services with your planned budget and analyze: should you choose only one shooting format?

Wedding budget spread

5. Technical equipment of the wedding – 10 %.
Musical accompaniment of the wedding and decoration of the room with light are essential components of a good organization. Sometimes the host works in conjunction with the DJ, in this case you do not have to solve this issue separately.
Lighting designers create a certain atmosphere at every moment of the celebration, in addition, the quality of photo and video shooting directly depends on the professionally exposed light.

A well-thought-out budget for a wedding

Super budget for a wedding

6. Wedding organizers – 10 %
Irreplaceable people who will understand your wishes, form the concept of the holiday and implement the ideas in the best possible way, guided by personal experience. It is difficult to overestimate the importance of a wedding planner. Clients pay for the work of some organizers as a percentage of the budget (10-15%), while others set a certain fee for their services.

budget for the wedding  day

7. Transport and unexpected expenses – 5 %
It is advisable to provide a financial safety cushion to keep calm even in times of unforeseen expenses.

Wedding Cake fashion


8. Images of the bride and groom
Wedding rings, groom’s costume, hairstyle, makeup and bride’s dress. Professionals recommend planning this item separately from the General budget, since the range of prices for services in this direction is quite large.

budget for the wedding

costs of organizing the wedding

Figuring out your wedding budget is not easy. Your wedding will probably be the biggest party you’ve ever thrown, and the most expensive. The average US wedding costs $ 44,000 for 167 guests, according to the 2020 Bride American Wedding Study.
Almost 27 percent of couples cover all expenses themselves, while about a third of them pay at least some of them. But here’s the kicker: almost half of the couples are over budget. Make sure you’re not one of them by setting a realistic wedding budget before you start fantasizing about places in Italy, booking expensive sellers, or trying on designer dresses.

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