10 Home manicure ideas in addition to the wedding ring

10 Home manicure ideas in addition to the wedding ring

If you have extra time on your hands, this is a great opportunity to treat yourself to a manicure at home.

Keeping your nails in good shape during an engagement is worth the effort for several reasons. People will pay more attention to your hands than ever, so a good manicure (or at least a quick coat of clear nail Polish) will help showcase your ring in all its brilliant beauty. More importantly, this means that you will have a reason to treat yourself to regular manicures or new nail polishes as often as you want. Since social distancing rules close many professional nail salons until further notice, you may feel a little disappointed with the current state of your nails, especially if you are not used to getting a manicure at home.

But with a little patience and practice, you can get the next best thing – not to mention the sense of accomplishment that you will feel when performing a manicure yourself. Whether you are looking for a classic nail color that goes with everything, or you have a desire to try something new and trendy to cheer yourself up in quarantine, home manicure has come a long way from basic polishing.
Try your own manicure at home with these creative (and simple!) Ideas’.

Create your own home manicure set

No matter what nail design you choose, there are a few basic tools and products that you’ll want to have on hand if you haven’t already, or think this is your chance to replace any worn-out tools you’ve had for a few years. Here is a list of what we would recommend:
Nail Polish remover: acetone-based formulas are necessary for removing powder, acrylic, gel nails, and some shiny lacquers, but for normal nail Polish, the oil-based formula dries much less.
Cuticle softener: You can always soak your fingers in warm water to soften the cuticle, but exfoliating cuticle treatment will also come in handy.
Nail clippers: there is a chance that you already have a pair of nail clippers , but now is the time to restock if they are worn out.
Cuticle kit: the slanted cuticle trimmer is much simpler and more delicate than standard scissors.
Nail file and buffer: Use an emery Board or glass file for shaping and a polishing block for smoothing.
The base layer and the top layer: two in one formula means one less nail Polish bottle to keep track of.
Hand cream: soothe dry or damaged hands with a thick moisturizer to restore the skin barrier.
All-in-one kit»: need to stock up on everything at once? Consider a universal manicure set.

Smiling face

10 Home manicure ideas in addition to the wedding ring. Beautiful ideas for your manicure.

You may not need smiling faces on your nails for your wedding day, but your engagement is the perfect time to try out this fun idea inspired by the 90s . Start by covering each nail with a transparent base layer, then use the tip of the brush to gently add two yellow circles as faces. Once the circles are dry, you can use an ultra-thin brush (such as an eyeliner brush) to draw the eyes and mouth. Finish with the top layer to seal everything together.

Wedding party nails smail

What you need:
China Glaze Electric Lac varnish in Daisy “Know my name”.
Sally Hansen, black heart nail Polish.
Thin eyeliner brush Bdellium Tools.

Classic neutral

Gentle Nude wedding nails

Neutral shades and skin tones are our colors for home manicure. They are classic, versatile and flattering for all types of engagement rings. Also, they are the most forgiving colors if you have random spots or streaks. Apply a single layer for a clean, maintenance-free look, or apply multiple layers for an opaque finish.

Pastel manicure wedding nails
What you will need: Essie Expressie nail Polish in Crop Top & Roll, Target.

Rainbow stickers

Rainbow stickers wedding nails

Say Hello to your newest mood booster: rainbows on your nails! We love this colorful, grammatical idea for your next manicure at home. Applying a rainbow to each nail takes a lot of time (and accuracy), but with stickers on the gel Polish, you can do it in no time. The best part? There is no actual nail Polish or drying time, which makes this option an easy task if you usually have problems painting your own nails.

Beautiful ideas for your manicure

What you will need: manime glue gels at Luna Rainbows, ManiMe.

Pink with a twist

Pink with a twist wedding nails

Pinkish-purple color is a great alternative to blush or bright pink lacquers, especially for spring and summer. This lavender Polish is universally flattering: it looks great on all skin tones and metals, from platinum to yellow gold.

What you will need: Deborah Lippmann Gel Lab Pro with Chantilly lace, Nordstrom.

Ombre nails

Nails for everyday life

Recreate these trendy nails for your next manicure at home using different colors on each finger. You can choose polishes in the same color family, for example, from dark blue to light blue, or choose a completely inappropriate look, which is just as fun.

Ideas Nails for everyday life

What you need:
CIR cirquecolors in pastel peach,
CIR cirquecolors in Arabesque,
CIR cirquecolors in RobinEtsy
CirqueColors nail Polish at Tromp l’oeil
CirqueColors pistachio nail Polish,

Children’s Blues

Spring nail ideas

Pale blue nail Polish is fashionable and soothing at the same time. Take a closer look: in fact, this manicure has a blue base with a light pink line in the center of each nail, creating the effect of a playful cotton candy.

Photo Colorful nail ideas
What you need:
Olive Olive & June in BP, Olive & June
Olive and June nail Polish in GH olive and June.

Abstract lines


Abstract lines wedding ideas

Touch your artistic side with an inspired geometric Manik showing elegant dots and lines. We like the combined image of blush and blacks, but you can easily recreate this design with any color palette that tells you. A fine-tipped brush ensures precision when adding details.

Images Abstract lines wedding nails


What do you need:
OPI nail Polish in the game ” Stop, I’m blushing!”.
Revlon nail enamel in knockout.
The effect of a turtle shell
If you’re feeling carefree, nail clippers are a great way to experiment with trends when you’re doing a manicure at home. This attractive turtle shell pattern is not common – leave the nails for a few hours or a few days at any time you want to change something.
What you will need: reusable pop-up nail kit Static Nails in turtle shell, Urban Outfitters.

Two-tone varnish 

Two-tone varnish nails ideas

Here’s another way to jump on Board the mismatched nail trend. Instead of Ombre nails, choose two different colors of nail Polish – one for each hand. For the most noticeable effect, we recommend colors that completely contrast, such as this combination of light green and terracotta colors.

Two-tone varnish wedding colors ideas

What do you need:
Essie Expressie nail Polish at Taxi Hopping,Target
Nail Polish J. Hannah in Saltillo, Need
Supply Co.

French tips

10 Home manicure ideas in addition to the wedding ring, wedding nails images



French manicure is experiencing a rebirth. This time, the emphasis is on elongated oval nails with a softer coating. Try it if you are looking for a chic and minimalistic manicure.

What you need:

Kiss acrylic nails, Target
Essie nail Polish in waltz.
Blulu French manicure Stickers.
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10 Home manicure ideas in addition to the wedding ring. Beautiful ideas for your manicure.

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